What is a relaxed muscle

What is a relaxed muscle

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A relaxed muscle is a muscle that is not contracting. This is also the resting state of muscle. Would you like any more information? ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-relaxed-muscle ]
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What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?
The PMR procedure teaches you to relax your muscles through a two-step process. First you deliberately apply tension to certain muscle groups, and then you stop the tension and turn your attention to noticing how the muscles relax as the te…
How to Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive relaxation is a deep muscle relaxation technique developed and published by Edmond Jacobson in 1929. Widely used today in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, depression and related… Tags: muscles relaxation tense pause
How to Relax Your Muscles
Lying on a comfortable surface or sitting with your back completely straight in a comfortable chair, make sure your body is aligned. First tense and then completely relax each group of muscles, one at a time, alternating between your right …

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Does flexed muscle weigh more than relaxed muscle?
Q: Because, when I go to pick up my dog when shes sleeping, its easy, but when shes awake she flexes her muscles and I cant pick her up. Shes a medium-sized dog (Lol I wanted a lap dog but my brother wanted a big dog so we compromised,and thats why I pick her up.) So does flexed muscle weigh more than relaxed muscle?
A: no, conservation of mass states so1. stand on a scale relaxed2. stand on a scale while flexingno difference in weight
Whats the best way to get a knot ot whatver you call it, a tensed muscle relaxed?
Q: i have this one spot on my left side thats ALWAYS tense and no matter what it wont go away, im not sure if its a muscle thats always tense and if its from stress or what but ive had it since i was in high school, possiably when i was in ROTC, but ive been out of school for 3 years now and it still bothers me. Any help will do thanks. p.s. ive tryed massages and things but its still there.
A: I would definitely go and see your doctor if this has gone on for this long and is bothersome. You may need a mild muscle relaxer for your problem, or it could be something else. Try taking a nice warm bath, then lightly massage the area. See if that helps. If that is only temporary then I would highly suggest you take this to your doctor and get the full work up/his opinion on it. That is always your safest bet.If you seriously think that it’s caused by stress then try a means to outlet your stress, exercise, writing, meditation, reading…anything that will calm you down in bad situations.
what execises can you do to keep the muscle under your chin relaxed while singing?
Q: because myine pulls tense when i start singing but it should be relaxed and no movement under my hin.
A: I’ve been taking voice lessons from a Russian soloist who was the #1 soloist in the #1 Russian Choir. What you need to do is tighten your stomach but not your throat or head. Bending your knees also helps too. A little trick to teach your stomach muscles to do the right things is to get an object that weight 5-10 lbs and hold it out in front of yourself with your arms all the way stretched out when you go up to the high note raise your arms up and lift the object higher.Sing from your diaphragm means to sing with a full voice with good breath support. Singing with a full voice does not mean your volume cannot be loud or quite. When you breath pretend you are square like Sponge Bob and you expand side to side, not up and down our out and in, but side to side. Also tighten your stomach when you sing higher notes. it might be sore at first but you will be able to have better control of your diaphragm. When you sing from your diaphragm your stomach will be sore at first but then you will train your stomach muscles and you will get used to it. When you sing from your throat you will not be able to sing as long and your throat will hurt. You can tell when people sing from their throat because when they try to sing a higher note they will squish and tighten their forehead and they will stick their neck out and reach for the note with their head. But the reason it seems like when you watch someone sing and it seems so easy for them its because they are singing from their diaphragm and not their throat. Hope this helps.Its the same for when you sing low. just tighten your stomach and dont reach for the note with your head. Don’t stick your chin down and your neck in. This doesnt help at all. dont try to push hard either in your throat to hit the note. At first just practice singing lightly but keep your stomach tight. Hope this helpsBreathing is the most important thing about singing. Do you have a hot tub or a pool or even a bathtub will work. Hold your breath for as long as you can under water and that will help your singing. It might not be for very long at first but keep practicing and you will get better. When i first started doing it i could only hold for a little over a minute, now i can do it for over 2 minutes, The longest i have done was 2:37 seconds. Now im sure there are alot of you who can do it longer…. SoTHESE EXERCISES REALLY WORK JUST TRY THEM.

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