What is better to exercise on an elliptical machine or treadmill

What is better to exercise on an elliptical machine or treadmill

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When you compare treadmills to elliptical trainers, you can’t help but notice how impact free the elliptical trainer is. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-better-to-exercise-on-an-elliptical-machine-or-treadmill ]
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What exercise can make me break a sweat other than the treadmill,…?
Anything that’s a good cardiovascular workout. How about running, on the beach if you have one nearby, or just run in a park for an hour. That’ll do it. Put your music on, run, let those endorphins kick in and get you on a natural high.
How do I perform the Tupler Technique exercises while I exercise …?
When you are doing aerobic exercises it is important that you belly breathe to get as much oxygen as possible. Remember to expand and fill the lungs up with air and then bring the belly back to the spine on the exhale part of the breath. Yo…
Does exercising every other day also apply to the treadmill, elli…?
If you lift weights MWF, then cardio on Tues and Thur (and even Sat) certainly is not only okay but a great idea. You really can do light cardio just about every day; but, you are right with the weights, you don’t want to work the same musc…

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Which exercise machine is better an elliptical stepper or a treadmill?
Q: I want to buy one but I don’t know which to buy>>>Help me out here.
A: I think it depends what’s more important to you. If your looking to burn a lot of calories and do an exercise that’s easy on your joints than elliptical’s the way to go. But if your preparing for a marathon or want to improve your run time and running endurance use a treadmill. It’s the closest thing to actually running.
what is better a treadmill or a elliptical machine. Thanks over 50 and just want some exercise?
A: Elliptical is better on the knees, but it takes a little more coordination to do it right..
which one is better?…. an elliptical machine or a treadmill?
Q: i want to lose some weight and im thinking about buying one of this two.i need to lose between 40-45 pounds before may, 2009. (maybe 20 before christmas =) )i need to know the pros and cons, and the parts of the body that get most of the work. im 19yo, 170 pounds. i know, im fat. =( i could exercise one hour a day(or more) 6 days a week.right now i do not exercise. at all. about how much time is it going to take to reach my goal with that much exercise plus eating healthier.thanx in advance.i need lots of work on my arms, thighs, belly, and butt.
A: Depends on if you are more of a runner, ellipticall machines are a little easier on the body and joints. You are young though so you are probably just a little out of shape but in overall good health. I actually find ellipticals akward and enjoying walking or running without being forced into the correct position (everyone walks and runs a little different). Two main things you need to do;-You will need music to listen to as it helps time go by-You don’t need to calculate time, count calories. For approx every 3500 in calories you reduce, you lose a pound. Therefore you need to know what you average per day by writing down and tracking everything you eat. Especially if you want to lose 7 pounds a month average by May. You need to lose about 1.5 pounds per week (4.33 weeks are in a month) or about 5250 calories less than you currently take in. At your current weight and age I would say you are at about 2500-3000 a day. If you burn 400 a day running or jogging 5 days a week (don’t overdo it) that is 2000 calories, then you need to reduce your intake by another 460 calories a day (3250 over 7 day week). It won’t be easy as you will get hungry from working out, but you have to adjust for a few weeks. The best way is to cut out all sugar intake (especially soda) and bread. Count waht you eat the next few days (normal, don’t skimp) to find out where you are. You will lose weight the right way like this and if you stick it out you will find it exciting to see the changes and that motivates you. Don’t get discouraged, as you will gain a little muscle at first since you are not working out, but you will see and feel the change even though you won’t have huge weight loss the first month. Only do cardio so you don’t gain too much muscle.You can do it! Oh yeah, and change your eating habits to boost your metabolism and keep hunger minimal, smaller melas more often. Don’t wait til your starving. Protein shakes are good meal replacements.

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