What is considered fat

What is considered fat

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Fat, along with proteins and carbohydrates, is considered one of the three nutrients used as energy sources by the body. ChaCha anytime! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-considered-fat ]
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What is considered fat?
It’s hard to say what “fat” is.Major Model businesses consider “overweight” or “fat” to be anyone over size 12.You may have a bit of belly here or there,but as long as your bmi is considered healthy, fat is jus…
Am i considered Fat?
Your BMI is 25.7, meaning you are overweight. Your average weight is 115. Your about 30 pounds overweight. To lose weight: Breakfast: *Remember that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, up to 700 calories is still healthy for …
Was santa always considered fat and jolly?
Not always. Santa is loosely based on St. Nicholas, the fourth century Bishop of Demre, Turkey, who was said to have carried a sack full of toys for poor children. Our modern day version of “Jolly Old St. Nick” was created in 1863…

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What is considered fat in Hollywood for a female leading actress, singer or playboy model?
Q: A size 2? A size 4? 105 lbs? 110 lbs?I’m just curious…I know that Hollywood standards are way more strict about thinness and weight, especially for women, then the average American’s. So what is considered Hollywood fat?
A: umm i would say it depends on your height. if you are 5 ft 7in you should be around like 125… thats around what they are looking for.
What is considered fat for a young woman?
Q: I don’t understand why my friend is stressing herself. She is around 130lb and i don’t think she is fat. So i want to ask what is considered fat for a woman?well if height matters, she around 5’6 i think
A: If she’s over 5′ 6″ 125 – 140 is fineIf she’s under 5′ 6″ then less than 130 is the ideal.Fat and obese is determined by body fat percent and any woman with more than 28% body-fat is fat while more than 33% is obese.More than 40% is morbidly obese.
Why are normal sized women considered fat nowadays?
Q: Like for instance, a bunch of people called Jennifer Love Hewitt fat and people are always talking about how Britney Spears has gotten fat. Also, in magazines they are always featuring articles about how celebrities “lose the fat” when in reality they were not fat before, and they actually usually looked better before they lost weight. In the entertainment world, a completely normal girl is considered fat, and a tiny, skinny, underweight girl is considered desirable and as the ultimate goal weight.Now where does this put the really overweight people like the staggering number of Americans are? Does it make them whales? I just don’t understand why there are two extremes. In the fantasy of the entertainment world women have to be a stick to get anywhere, whereas the majority of Americans are truly overweight. Then a normal girl is also considered overweight.
A: I totally knw what you mean…….and the media makes such a big deal about it, reporting how Tyra Banks is fat, which part of Tyra is fat?? Tyra looks like a healthy normal woman. They’re encouraging young girls to try to acheive this unrealistic unhealthy image of what ‘sexy’ is by they’re ill informed standards….ohhhhh and saying Britney Spears is fat, she had 2 kids almost back to back, she looks good for someone who had 2 kids in a short space of time. I swear they won’t learn til one day one of those stick thin figures they worship dies from starvation.

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