What is girth

What is girth

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Girth – the distance around something; the circumference. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-girth ]
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The distance around something; the circumference.
Girth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search A girth is also a piece of equipment used to hold the saddle on a horse. Girth generally refers to the circumference of a cylindrical object, such as a tree trunk. Girt…
Girth is the thickness of something. I suspect he is on about the girth of his Penis (how thick it is)

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Q: is 5 and a hlf inches in girth good?
A: Yes, that is a little more than average…
How do I measure the girth of an Austrailian stock saddle?
Q: I just purchased a new horse, but my girth on my hornless austrailian stock saddle is too big for her. However, the saddle fits her like a glove. How do I measure the girth I currently have? Do I measure including the buckles? Do I measure the strap too?
A: u measur from the middle holes on booth side or u can take her down to the horse store and get one =]
What penis girth is too uncomfortable for women?
Q: I am about 5 inches in girth now (which is supposed to be above average) and 6.5 in length. I am taking Vimax pills to gain a little length, but I am concerned about gaining too much girth since the pills are supposed to increase both length and girth. Would many women be uncomfortable with 5.25 or 5.5 inches? I dont want to get too thick.
A: unless you’re bigger than a newborn, forget it.the pills don’t work and you didn’t need all the personal information. just asking the question was sufficient, the rest is chatting.

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