What is my body fat percentage

What is my body fat percentage

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To answer this question, we will need to know your height, weight, and whether you are male or female. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-my-body-fat-percentage ]
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It depends. The only accurate way to have you percentage measured is to get an analysis done at the gym. They use calipers and formulas. The ones that do a calculation based on just your height and weight are not proper as they dont take bo…
The doctor can do this for you or a local gym. There are websites on the Internet where you enter your age, height, weight, etc that can also tell you. That would be the best and free. No one else can really tell you without that info. Good…
if you are that determined to not take everyones advice and get tested properly, then this site can give you an estimate based on body measurements… Home Body Fat Test this isnt very accurate but it is the rough estimate you want…

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What body fat percentage is needed for flat abs?
Q: I am apparently around 22.5% body fat, in the healthy range, but there is still a stubborn layer of fat around my lower abs. What body fat percentage should I be aiming for to shed it and get visible abs?
A: Well I have 24% body fat and have flat, toned abs. It depends how you carry your weight. But to have defined abs like a six pack, usually around 15%-17% body fat.
How do weight scales with body fat percentage calculation work?
Q: Hello, I am in a competetion where the total of weight percentage loss and fat percentage loss determines the winner. Besides diet and exercise, is there anything specific I can do on the final days of the competetion to squeeze out an extra 0.5% in body fat percentage by tricking the scale? For example, if I drink a gallon of water before the weigh-in that will add pounds but could it decrease body fat percentage? The scale for body fat % is measured in increments by 0.5%, so just a slight variation can cause it to go from 10.0 to 9.5% for example. That small of a difference can be huge on the final tally.
A: Most of the body fat scales I’ve seen use electrical impedance to measure body content. I don’t know how to fool the scale, but the water theory sounds like it could work. Only thing is that if you push it too much, you risk water toxicity.
What body fat percentage should a girl have at age 15?
Q: I just got measured for body fat in gym class and I got 15.7%. I’m very athletic and due 2 work outs a day, totaling up to about 2 hours. I run cross country and a competitve swimmer. What body fat percentage is right for someone of my statistics and activity level? I’m5’6”-5’7” and weigh about 123-124 lbs. How would my fat percentage be classified?
A: For women,Essential fat 10–12%Athletes 14–20%Fitness 21–24%Acceptable 25–31%Obese 32%+So I think your body fat is well within range and you are doing fine.

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