What is the average bpm

What is the average bpm

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The average resting heart rate is 60–80 beats per minute. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-bpm ]
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What is the average bpm of classical music?
Classical music has the widest variance in temp of ANY genre! Giving an average is impossible – and meaningless.It is like asking the average weight oa person in the US – including all ages, heights, genders, etc. What is the point?
What is the average heart rate bpm for a 19 month old baby?
OK as a new born this is a beat of around 130 BPM, and as they get older around 18 to 19 months. it will be 90 to 110 . and then into adult hood it will be from 50 to 80 BPM.
What would cause my average Heartrate to go up from 70 bpm, to 90…?
There are a number of things that can raise your resting heart rate. Being out of shape is one. But it can also be due to high thyroid levels, caffeine or sugar in your diet, stress. If you aren’t having any other symptoms, I wouldn’t worry…

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How do i calculate the average BPM in excel?
Q: I have standing sitting and lying down average bpm for each person.how do i calculate the average bpm for each column?
A: The average for all values in column A would be=AVERAGE(A:A)
My blood pressure is 112/60 pulse is at 120 bpm average. Is this normal for a student with minimal exercise?
Q: I’m currently studying in a university, 18 years old. And now I think I’m having a mild asthma attack though the last attack was around 15 years ago.
A: BP is very normal. Your heart rate is extremely high. You should run probably about 60-80 bpm during normal daily activities. It will tend to go up during an acute asthma attack or occasionally in response to some asthma inhalers but if this is persistent between attacks you need to have it further evaluated.
What is the maximum heart rate for a person with an average pulse of 50 bpm?
Q: I have a slightly low average heartrate of about 50bpm. I workout about 3 times per week. I would like to know if I should follow the typical guidelines for maximum HR (220-age). I am 22 years old. Thanks.
A: There is no set maximum. With a slow baseline heart rate you’re probably slightly healthier than the average person (assuming you don’t have heart block or are on medications). I’d probably keep your rate at around 180 when exercising but your body will tell you if you’re pushing yourself too hard

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