What is the average girls height and weight

What is the average girls height and weight

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It really depends on her age. What age would you like? I am 5’7″ and I should weigh between 123-163. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-girls-height-and-weight ]
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What is the average height and weight for a 13 year old girl??
The average height and weight is hard to say, considering that you are still growing, and you are just now becoming a woman. Heighth and weight also differ with ethnicity. At 13 years: 122 pounds, is at the 80th percentile for weight. 59 in…
What is the average height and weight of a 7-year-old girl??
I found your question while googling the same thing. My almost-8yo dd is 48 inches and 46 lbs. She is small (both in height and weight) compared to the other girls in her class; compared to the boys she seems especially tiny!
Why are the height and weight cutoffs for boys and girls differen…?
A A person’s total blood volume depends on their sex, height and weight. The body mass composition of boys is different from girls. Consequently, a different formula is used to calculate the total circulating blood volume for male and femal…

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what is the average height and weight for chinese girls?
Q: i am 14 ,height is 152 cm ,weight is 47 kg i dont know whether or not iam overweight compared to chinese girls in china and whether i am average or not ! can u help me plzz
A: Really short.
What is the average height and weight for a teen girls?
Q: what is your height and weight ? (for girls)i am 14, my height is 1.50 m and my weight is 45 kg …my older sis 16, has about 1.40 m and 35 kgP/S : we’re asian-malay ( malaysian )
A: I’m 15, so just a year older than you and I am 5’2 (1.524m)and I weigh 58 kg, but my measurements are pretty out there 38-29-39Ok to answer your question: (in America) the average height for a 14 year old is 5’4I think the average weight for a 14 year old is between 85lb (38.5kg)to160lb (72.5kg)Still you are perfect just the way you are 🙂
GIRLS: Is there an average height/weight/age…?
Q: is there an average height/weight/age that girls get their period?
A: Height and weight aren’t the main factors, if you’re talking about an “average” for beginning your period. It’s usually attributed to age. (10-15 years, I’ve noticed.) However, if you have a low body fat percentage or are an athlete, you will most likely begin your period around13+ years. If you are normal-overweight, you may begin as early as 9-12 years. If you are obese, you might not get it at all, due to hormone imbalances, and you may be infertile until you reach a healthier weight. For example, I began my cycle about a month before my 12th birthday due to weight factors. I had always been slender, at around 12% body fat, and I had done track the year before. Because I stopped exercising and gained some body fat, my body was ready to begin menstruating. I am now around 22% body fat, have ceased athletics, and my cycles are regular. I have a friend with a similar body type to me, except she was never athletic. She began her cycle about a week before her 11th birthday, even though she is “average” on the BMI scale. All of my athletic friends have irregular cycles, and they began their periods somewhat later than I did. It’s all a matter of lifestyle and weight. Sorry if it’s TMI, but I hope I still helped.

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