What is the best cross country shoes to get for running

What is the best cross country shoes to get for running

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A good cross country running show is the Asics GEL-Dirt Dog 2. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-cross-country-shoes-to-get-for-running ]
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What are good, study running shoes for cross country??
Like moelsk stated you need to find the shoe FOR YOU. Lots of these ignorant high schoolers choose shoes by brand. What they don’t realize is EVERY notable brand has good shoes for a certain person. I can’t overemphasize the importance of h…
What are some really good shoes for running cross country?
No offense intended, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy him running shoes as a gift. Buying running shoes is a very personal process, and needs to be done by the person that’s going to wear them. This is so he can see which shoe conf…
What’s the best running shoes to buy for cross country??
Running shoes or cross country spikes? You will need to get running shoes at a running specialty store that will see what shoes are good for your foot. Otherwise you might get injured if you get the wrong shoes. It will be more than 70 dol…

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Best place to find cross-country running shoes in Colorado?
Q: I am looking for a pair of cross country running shoes. Not trainers but racing ones. I already have long distance ones for track. I am looking for the ones that do not have metal spikes. Does anyone know where i can find a pair? Where are the best stores and what are their names so i can go there?
A: Unfortunately I don’t know where to find them. What you are looking for are “racing flats.” You could call around to running stores in your area and ask, however you can also order them online. Because i wear a rare size I had to order mine, and i had a very successful experience. Usually ordering the same size and same brand as your trainers. there are also websites where you get free fast shipping and returns so that if they don’t fit it is easy to swap. sites like zappos or runningwarehouse.
How long does it take to break in cross country running shoes?
Q: How long does it take to break in running shoes for cross country?
A: after a few runs, depending on the shoe.a word to the wise: never wear shoes for the first time at a meet, always use them in practice a few times before a meet to prevent (hopefully) blisters and pain.
Can cross country running shoes be worn on normal roads for long mileage?
Q: I have a comfortable pair of Asics cross country spike sneakers. I’m curious how it would hold up to running on the road for long mileage . I’ve only run in normal running shoes on the road. Has anyone done long mileage with spikes on the road or ran a half-marathon or marathon in them? Is it like wearing normal running shoes? anything to be aware of? are feet any more or less susceptible to injury?
A: Do you mean racing flats/spikes? You really shouldn’t wear them for anything but a race. For one, the actual metal spikes are going to be very uncomfortable if you are using them on asphalt. They are meant for dirt and grass. For another, they do NOT have enough support for your feet. Racing shoes are light and have little cushioning to make you faster. If you wear them regularly on long runs, you WILL get hurt. It’s bad for your feet and joints! People in marathons or half-marathons usually wear regular running shoes because spikes really don’t help a whole lot at that distance. Please, please wear your normal running shoes.

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