What is the best way to relieve pressure

What is the best way to relieve pressure

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The best way to relieve pressure is doing some yoga. Keep the ChaCha going! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-relieve-pressure ]
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What is the best way to relieve the pressure .
To relieve the pressure,remove the fuel pump relay and turn the engine a couple of turns.Or,if your …
What is the best way to relieve sinus pressure?
I put a heating pad across my eyes and the bridge of my nose. It helps if you put a warm washcloth between the heating pad and your skin.
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How to relieve pressure on my lower back? And what is the best way to get better sleep?
Q: My question is how do I relieve pressure on my lower back? Also what is the best sleeping position? I noticed when I go to sleep I sleep better on my stomach, but the problem is the lower back starts to sink and it causes me to have back pain in the morning. Then when I try sleeping on my side I can’t even fall asleep and if I sleep on my back I get sleep apnea episodes. I am trying to find a way so I can sleep better without any interruptions so that does incluses mattress and pillows. Anyone know what I can do?
A: Well if your having episodes of apnea, you need to tell your doctor so you can have a sleep study done. They may prescribe a C-pap device for you to sleep with at night. this would help greatly at night in relieving the apnea. This would allow you to sleep on your back, then you could try raising your legs on pillows or a cushion of some type. This will allow your lower back to drop into better alignment and be more straight during the night. This is probably why you sleep better on your stomach. Your apnea is reduced. Good luck…
What is the best way to relieve pressure inside your head?
Q: I have a lot of pressure inside my head. It feels like my head wants to pop up and out. What is the best thing to relieve the pressure besides medicine.
A: I get frequent headaches that feel like pressure. THought I was the only one because my docs have yet to find a permanent answer. Sometimes it may be dehydration and water helps. The best for me is an icepack.
Best way to relieve pressure while flying?
Q: So I’m flying a lot tomorrow, and I need to know the best way to relieve pressure (like popping your ears). I always try yawning, but it’s so slow.Is there an easy/safe/quick way of doing that?
A: hold your nose and blowchew gumopen your mouth reeeaaally wide and yawn

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