What is the best work out regimen to build muscle

What is the best work out regimen to build muscle

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The best exercise regimens work shoulders and triceps one day, back muscles the next, arms the next day, etc., plus a rest day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-work-out-regimen-to-build-muscle ]
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What’s a good work out regimen for muscle building?
The first lower abs exercise is by laying on your back with your legs stretched. You need to put your hands on your sides and just rest your head on the floor. Others call this a supine position. The next step is to lift your legs in a fort…
What’s a good morning exercise regimen? Trying to work on abdomin…?
itt looks like your doing great to me. just make sure to eat a large breakfast with some fruit dairy and carb like 1/2 apple,toast,eggs w/ cheese

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Anyone know of a good workout regimen to build muscle and tone within a short time?
Q: Been lazy and wanna get back into working out. But I’ve always had no specific workout regimen. I’d like to know what is a good one to build muscle and tone in a short period of time. Let me know ur thoughts thanks!
A: # 1 u should get a gym membership if u dont got one. then just plan ur workouts and even write em down if u have to. even put down ur target weight u think u can lift. the 3 main lifts are the benchpress, squat, and deadlift. if u master all of these u will see AMAZING results. start off every one of ur workouts with one of these lifts. lift 4 times a week i usually go for monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday because u can relax the weekend and just grow. well monday bench first and do the incline bench. then do a lot of work for ur biceps and ur triceps like pushdowns and curls. tuesdays start with legs by squatting then doin some leg presses, extensions, curls, and calf raises. then on tuesday do shoulder by doing presses, side and lateral raises, shrugs, and anything else u can think of. then thursday start with ur bench but instead go close grip then work all of ur chest exercises like flyes and then do more exercises for triceps and bis like curls and pushdowns. friday is back day and u start off by deadlifting u can also do hang cleans, and rows, and jerks. hope i helped a lil and good luck. also dont forget to run i usually like to run either saturday or sunday and then the other play some kinda sport for exercise and do my agility and speed training on thursday then run a mile. well good luck
i am going to start working out i want to lose weight and build muscle what is the best workout regimen?
Q: i am 6 foot 3 285 but i am not fat i have a gut but not a big one i carry my weight well
A: To start you want to do a workout that combines all your muscle groups into one routine. Here is what I’d suggest.Start the workout with about 5-10 minutes of cardio, doesnt matter what kind but its essential to get your blood flowing to your muscles. Then start doing some weights in a circuit. You want to do a series of exercises that work out all your body parts equally, the more muscles you work in one session the better. You dont always have to do all of these, make sure you work out until you feel like you dont have any more energy, dont over do it. Also make sure to stretch AFTER the workout, not before! Here’s what i did to start, after about a month or 2 its a good idea to switch up the routine.Bicep Curls – 8-10 reps (arms)Deadlift – 6-8 reps (back)Benchpress 8-10 reps (triceps & chest)Squats (no weight or little weight) 10 reps (legs)Lunges – 10 reps (legs)Pull Ups as many as you can do to failure (biceps & back)Seated Row – 10 Reps (back & biceps)Lat Pulldown – 10 Reps (lats & biceps)Shoulder Press – 10 Reps (shoulders & triceps)Crunches 3 sets of 15 reps (abs)Fly’s 8-10 reps (shoulders)Make sure to use dumbells for all your initial workouts for the first 3 months as they promote balance and build up your stabilizer muscles.Also check out www.bodybuilding.comPEACE
What is the best type of cardio to incorporate with a weight program to build muscle?
Q: I don’t want to lose weight but just tone up and compliment the weight training regimen ..that is designed to build muscle mass.Is Interval training the best?
A: Remember one thing, cardio and weight training can be exclusive to themselves. By this I mean that cardio doesn`t really build muscle. As the name suggests it`s a training system targeted at your cardiovascular system, to strengthen your heart and lungs primarily. What you can do however is this – take less rest between sets than you do at present in your weight training program. By resting less between sets you`ll force your Heart and lungs to work that much harder and you`ll burn more calories per session as well. So, in a way, you`ll be doing a modified form of cardio as you weight train. Trust me, this really does work `cause I`ve tried it myself. As you get used to it, try and take less and less rest between sets ( within reason ) and you`ll tone up in no time and without muscle loss as well. Good luck.

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