What is the best workout to improve my vertical jump

What is the best workout to improve my vertical jump

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Knee raises using an overhead bar are helpful for improving your vertical jumping skills. Also squats work those leg muscles! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-workout-to-improve-my-vertical-jump ]
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How To Increase Your Vertical Jump – Review Of The Best Workout P…?
Well Air Alert is a program that can help increase your vertical jump, but it may not be the best for you. Many people use strength shoes, plyometrics, or ankle weights in their training. Many people swear by stair running. The problem is t…
What are the best workouts to increase my vertical jump??
you can buy some ankle weights. when i played volleyball, i would wear them to all of our practices (and even around my house sometimes) and just jump my little heart out. it totally worked, my vertical ended up being like, 4 inches better!
Does anyone have a good, free vertical jump program or workout??
tie heavy stuff to your legs and jump! try to get higher and higher! then get heavier stuff.

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Best way to improve vertical jump?
Q: No time to get to the gym really..jus basically have my body..was wondering if there was any plyometric workouts and jumping things i could do at home.
A: Yeah, sure.You can accomplish a great deal at home.It’s all about increasing power in your legs. Some explosive exercises you can do anywhere.lateral jumpsexplosive step-upsknee tucksankle hopsHere’s the article that explains these movements:http://ezinearticles.com/?Increase-Vertical-Leap:-4-Exercises-For-Explosive-Leg-Strength&id=506797Hope this helps.
what are good workouts to improve my vertical jump?
A: jump rope which builds calves which make you jump higher
Should my workouts be strenous when improving vertical jump?
Q: Is it possible to overtrain my lower body and actually decline my vertical jump?
A: hitmeagandude is exactly right… I can give you a really potent vertical program that’s given me alot of results. First, put some meat on those legs by lifting consistantly for about 2-4 weeks. Then, E-Mail me for “Air Alert 3,” A really good plyotechnic workout.Work out like this:Upper body: Mon, Wend, FridayLower: Tue, Thur, SatOr:Upper & Lower: Mon, Wen, Friday, (Sat. Sunday off.)Muscle shock workout Shoulders: Week 1 & 2: Military Press Neutral Pull-Ups Shrugs Dips Week 3 & 4: Lateral Raise Front Dumbbell Raise Bar Military Press Biceps: Week 1 & 2: Pull-Ups Standing Curls Concentration Curls Week 3 & 4: Standing Drag-Row Preacher Curls Pull-Ups with ankle Weights Triceps: Week 1 & 2: Triceps Extension Reverse Curls Triceps Press Week 3 & 4: Triceps Dips Overhead Extension Behind-Head raise Close-Grip Bench Press Pecs: Week 1 & 2: Pec Press Bench Press Perfect Pushup Week 3 & 4: Incline Bench Press Decline Bench Press Cable Crossover Legs: Same Program, not trying to gain mass. Leg Extension Seated Leg Press Seated Calf Raises Calf Raises for Every stair Body-Weight Squats Weighted Squats 1 foot glute raise Leg Curl Abs: Week 1 & 2: Roman Chair Leg on Couch Crunches Reverse Crunches Leg Lifts Week 2 & 3: Weighted Ab Machines Crunches Knee Raises Incline Crunch Fingertips, Wrist + Toes Same Program, not trying to gain mass. Fingertip Push-ups Weight Roll Up Wrist Curls Toe Raised hold Fingertip Pull-ups Back Week 1 & 2: Lateral Pull-Down Back-down machine Week 3 & 4: Lateral Row Reverse-Grip Pull Ups

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