What is the difference between toning and building muscles

What is the difference between toning and building muscles

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Toning is strengthening and tightening up your muscles, while building is making them bigger and stronger. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-difference-between-toning-and-building-muscles ]
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What’s the diference between toning and building muscle?
When people use the word “tone” it denotes that the muscle will “show” more… But exercises do not “tone” the muscle, but rather when you lose weight via weight training the muscle becomes more visible hence t…
When weightlifting, what is the difference between toning and bui…?
Well, I’ve tried both toning and building mass and the techniques I will share with you, WORKed for me! For toning you want to do High reps and lower weights. So you can pick a weight that you can do a total of maybe 20 reps with. Rest and …
What is the difference between toning muscle and building muscle??
to be technical it’s physiologically impossible to tone skeletal muscle, it is always that way. subcutaneous fat stores (body fat) cover the true shape of skeletal muscle. only be reducing the total level of body fat on the body will muscle…

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whats the difference between toning muscles and building muscles?
Q: i know alot of people say if you lift weights then youll gain muscle but i see really nice thin fittness directors on my excercise dvds who always say grab a pair of weights and lets tone those muscles. but their arms are skinny. are they talking about making your arms bigger or smaller?
A: Well, to nearly all of the “fitness population”, the word tone has fully adopted a false definition. That is, when most people say tone, they mean making the muscle appear more defined and “tighter”. In this sense, the only way to tone muscles is to lose fat around the muscle itself.However, the actual definition of tone is the residual muscle tension. This can be developed by using high weights and low repetitions, quite the opposite of what the typical fitness-oriented individual might think.
what is the difference between toning and building muscles?
A: There is no difference.All exercise works muscles and burns energy. If you “build” muscle you burn fat if you eat right.If you “tone” muscles you burn fat if you eat right.This difference in terminology came about because of women’s mistaken belief that over working muscles, i.e getting stronger, would somehow give them a beefcake look. Won’t happen to the casual exerciser because a woman will never create the same amount of testosterone as a man naturally.Hence the fitness industry conned women into thinking “toning” was anything other than strength exercise.If you go to a gym and do proper resistance training you will get stronger and add muscle. If you are lucky you work hard enough to lose some fat. Fat is not as compact as muscle, so the more muscle you pack on the better because it burns fat as a living tissue.Fat is lumpy and muscle is smooth – which one looks better on you?
Difference between toning muscle and building muscle?
Q: From my understanding, u get more toned when u do a lot of reps with a low weight. And u build muscle when u do few reps at a high weight.Also the weight machines like nautilus and ones like that are more for toning. The free weight ones, like the bench press and squat are the ones that add more muscles.Am I right on these two things? Also, do u have any other advise one how to tone/build muscle.
A: I have been lifting for two years.I am all me.I have 22 inch bi’s. 3 % body fat.If you want to get cut and get big.I would make a routine.First i would get as big as I want to get then tone my body.You are correct on those two things.iT TAKES TIME BUT TRUST ME ONCE YOUR THERE IF YOU MAINTAIN YOU WILL NEVER GET SMALLER AGAIN.the hardest part is to get there.diet is very important you need protein and carbs.Eat good and healthy.Get 8 hours of sleep.I personly was lifting for girls.Most girls dont even like big guys like me they like cut up guys.look

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