What is the easiest way to lose 40 pounds

What is the easiest way to lose 40 pounds

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The best way to lose 40 pounds is to restrict your calories to 1500 per day. Eat three sensible meals and eliminate junk food. You should also do some exercise each day, walking 30 minutes is good. ChaCha again. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-lose-40-pounds ]
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What is the easiest way to lose 40 pounds?
My husband lost 104lb in only 6 months. Every morning he would get up and eat only cooked egg whites with just alittle salt and pepper. Then we would walk for a hour and a half everday at the park. When he came home he would eat things like…
How to Lose 40 Pounds
My answer is: Eat Right and Move your body. Maybe this sounds easy to follow, but still many continue to struggle against their overweight. This is also why people are finding ways to get help with their overweight and obesity with differen…
What the fastest way to lose 40 pounds quick and easy with agood …?
A good aggressive target is 2 pounds per week, but I want to stress that you should not depend on pounds lost for your goal. Too often, people concentrate on losing pounds and end up losing a lot of muscle along with the fat and therefore e…

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im 16 and I weigh 215 pounds and i need to lose 40 pounds. What is the easiest and quickest way to lose it?
A: By eating ! A complex carbohydrate “diet”, that is, aka Mediterranean, or Pritiken diet if you already are familiar with these name diets. That means less meat, milk foods, little if any packaged foods ( they have weight inducing additives and enhancers in them ).Do not take the sugar substitutes, like aspartame, that is poisonous stuff and won’t work anyway. Stay with the sugary drinks and candy, it is the foods containing a lot of fat you have to be concerned about. Limit fat intake to less than 35 grams a day, count that instead of the calories.
Easiest way to lose 40 pounds?
Q: I’m a 21 year old woman, 5’6″, and (for now) 170 lbs. I’m looking to lose about 40 pounds in preferably about 6 months. I have some medical condition the doctors can’t figure out.. when I run, my mouth fills with blood. I was recommended not to run for extended periods of time. I can’t afford to go to a gym. Oh, and I’m a smoker. I know I should quit smoking, but that’s a battle all on it’s own. I was thinking of going to the doctor to get my thyroid checked out as well, I hear that you can get pills to assist with that. I’m not looking for something that will take a year or more. I’ve always been overweight, and I finally can’t take it anymore. Whatever will work the best and the fastest is what I’m interested in.Also, is there anything I can eat or any suppliments I can take that will boost my metabolism?Read: If I can’t afford to join a gym, liposuction, expensive machines or gadgets are definately out of the question.
A: Yeah you really need to stop smoking. The blood in your lungs may be from your lungs being ripped up and when pressure is put on them blood comes out. If you smoke menthals you need to try and smoke something lighter. Menthal actually has fiberglass in it that when you smoke it, it cuts up your lungs so the nicotine can get in your blood stream faster. The best way to boost your metabolism is to drink Green Tea. Snapple is my favorite but any green tea will work, it has something in it that greatly increases your metabolism. Bananas are also known for increasing metabolism. An easy way to lose weight is to but a sweat suit. They have suits now that make you sweat a great amount to help you loose water weight. Simple exercises at home can also help. Just try doing 40 sit ups a day spread out through the day, every little bit help.Last but Most Importantly watch what you eat. Be careful not to undereat however, this makes you gain weight because your body stores more food when you are hungry because it’s not sure when you will eat again so it stores food which makes people fatter. Try staying away from chocolate ( Kind of hard for some people but it REALLY helps to stop eating chocolate) snacks, chips, any sort of nuts or cashews, beer, cakes cookies etc.
What is the easiest way to lose weight?i need to lose like 40 pounds?
A: Same here. I think the best way to start is by cutting back on any juck food you eat (yes that includes Mcdonalds). After you do that, you could incorporate moderate exercise such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to change the channel on the tv. This might not seem like much but this is only a start. It is hard to fall into a strick diet or routine and that leads to more room for failure. So start thinking positive and eating healthy. P.S Drink water instead of pop

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