What is the fastest way to get fit

What is the fastest way to get fit

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Doing short work outs are proven to work faster then anything else. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fastest-way-to-get-fit ]
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What is the fastest way to get fit?
neither running or sprinting will get you completely ready for your training, its a combination of different exercises to become fit……for example long distance running with short sprints included will improve stamina, bleep test will im…
How to get fit and lose FAT fast- My Way
if you are a complete beginner, start off slow and steady, don’t kill yourself. if you enjoy running, start off with a light jog and then SPRINT as far as you can for 30 secs, then walk/jog for 1 minute, repeating the cycle for 15-20 mins. …
What is the fastest way to get slim or fit?
Here is a blog that helped me lose weight it has some great information and weight loss sites to compare http://dietclinics.blogspot.com/ Hope this helps you Good luck to you!

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What is the fastest way to get fit?
Q: How can i get fit fast from having almost no motivation and energy to an energetic person?
A: Well the fact that you won’t to get fit means that you won’t to change and that’s motivation itself.or you can watch some movies that motivates people like underdog movies or listen to some music. and the soundtrack to ROCKY BALBOA has to be the best workout CD ever made.But I hope you don’t give up and keep trying!
fastest way to get fit for a 1.5 mile run need to run it in 9mins?
Q: how can i get fit fasT?
A: Hard work I’m afraid.You need to do 2 things – to have the stamina to run the distance and to run fast.To get the stamina you want to run constantly for 20 to 30 minutes a bit slower than 10mph. Try to find a route with hills to run up and down.Then you need to get fast as well over the shorter distance. Run very fast short distances, rest and repeat that for a half hour session. For example, run 500m to 1000m very fast, then rest and repeat about 5 or 6 times.That will give you some stamina and some speed training.Once a week give yourself a time trial by running a 1.5 mile course and seeing how your time compares.You can do similir on a treadmill. Do one session where you just run, but set the speed to say 10.5 mph, and run for 30 minutes. Then do a session where you run at up to 12mph for 3 minutes and then 8mph for 3 minutes and repeat for half an hour.
What is the fastest way to fit into new cleats, like the Vapor 3?
A: Cut a small hole into the side of the cleat (a box cutter will serve this purpose wonderfully).

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