What is the fastest way to strengthen your hands

What is the fastest way to strengthen your hands

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Finger lifts With your palm resting on a flat surface with fingers spread, lift your fingers up off the surface, and then slowly bring them together. Do this several times. Then, lower your fingers to the surface and allow them to lift your palm up. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fastest-way-to-strengthen-your-hands ]
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What’s the fastest way to clap your hands?
put your hands together, pull apart slowly and bring them together with such force that you could knock over a tree
What is the fastest way to eat ice cream without hands??
suck it up with your mouth like a vacuum cleaner.
Is there a faster way to enter them other than by hand??
Put your carpal tunnel wrist brace away. Yes, “Virginia”, there is a quick solution.

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How can I strengthen my weaker hand in drumming?
Q: Example: When I try to play fast paradiddles with double strokes, my left hand can’t keep up and just buzzes instead of playing two well defined notes for each double stroke.
A: All drummers have the same problem dont worry there are many ways to do this try out some of these:work on the rudiments basic parradiddles at first only reverse them so that you are starting with your weaker hand and play slowly at first.write out some basic semiquaver phrases only add accents to them and play them with your weak hand slowly at first.As you get better at them add more accents and speed them up slightlyExample: 1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a (place an accent on 1 & on 4) very simple but you can work with this loads.try playin doubles only with your strong hand only play 1 stroke and this will let you hear how loose your weak hand actually is.This can also be used for some nice jazz fills around the Kit wen good speed is achieved through proper technique.You should also focus on how you hold the stick sounds horrible but its not a bad idea to place a mirror so that you can see how you hold the stick in your weak hand as compared to the stronger one and focus on striking the drum accurately and smoothly.Also use a completly closed fist grip to get your wrists doing the work as it sounds like you are using your fingers.This is something you can do when your wrists strengthen and are naturally working.This does work world snare drumming champ taught me that 15 years ago.goodluck!
What gentle exercises can I do to strengthen my left arm?
Q: had surgery in feb on my right wrist and cant use that arm or hand so now the wrist and elbow of my left arm are hurting! i cant put ace bandages on cause i cant use my right hand to wrap it. i had a glove thing but it is really only for people who type. i am not healing very fast so need to strengthen my left muscles and wrist.
A: the place you had the sugery should have set up some sort of rehabilitation. Call them up and ask them.
How can I strengthen my fingers for piano?
Q: I’m doing very advanced pieces and I find that after playing a lot of fast parts my arms around my upper wrists start getting tired – is there any simple way to help my hands/wrists get used to the pressure, or should I just keep playing and endurance will build over time?
A: Try to play lots of warm ups and scales. Junior Hanon for the piano has some great warm ups that strengthen all of your fingers. You might also want to play octave scales (play the scale with octaves, like C-C D-D E-E), and shake your fingers out like your shaking water off of your hands. And if you ever have nothing to do, do piano fingers on a table very fast. It really works! Hoped I helped! 😉

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