What is the female average height

What is the female average height

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The average height of a woman is 5 feet 4 inches. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-female-average-height ]
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What is the average height for a adult female.?
Now you see the danger of asking even a simple question on Yahoo! Answers. The first ten people gave you the wrong answer. I was going to say 5′ 4″, which is more or less correct, but lollipop was astute enough to research the question…
What is the average height of a 15-year-old female?
95% of 15 year old girls are between 5 ‘ and 5’ 9″ but this still means 5% are taller or shorter.
Why the Average Female Height & Weight Matter
These average heights and weights of women are significant because they, to a degree, impact the cuts, styles and lines of ready-to-wear garments to a much greater degree in today’s marketplace than in years past. Manufacturers appear to ha…

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What is the average height or adult male/female?
Q: I want a seperate answer for both. EXAMPLE:Average Male height: #ft #inAverage Female height: #ft #inplease add any extra you want, but please at least include the baisic answer! My friend is a dude and he’s probley gonna be around 5ft 9in. I dunno what I’ll be, but probley 5ft 5in at least.
A: Average Male Height=5’9.2″Average Female Height=5’3.8″
What is the average female height for Romanians?
Q: I’ve found a site that shows the average Romanian male height, but not the average Romanian female height. Anyone know what it is?
A: It is about 166 cm in height for the average Romanian female or 5′ 5.5″.
What is average American female height?
Q: Don’t just go on wikipedia or to google or whatever and just copy, because I’ve already looked it up and apparently it is around 5 ft 4. But I’m 5 ft 6 and most female adults seem a lot taller than me. So in your opinion, what is the average height for a white female adult?
A: Around 5ft4-5ft6 is averge height for a US female.You probably just notice those females over 5ft6 more because you are looking out for them, also remember most women wear heels making them appear taller.I’m 5ft2.

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