What is the most push ups in a day

What is the most push ups in a day

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Charles Servizio (USA), had 46,001 push ups in 24 hours. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-push-ups-in-a-day ]
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How many push ups should i do a day?
i do as many push ups and sit-ups that i can possibly do in one sitting every day. sometimes it is really low, but once in a while it shoots up, my averages have gone up so it is working. I would just do them untill you colapse, lol, you ma…
In your blog about rehearsals, you mention doing 50 push-ups a da…?
It’s just part of the routine, 50 in morning or night or 50 throughout the day. It’s just something I got into. My cousin told me to get up to 500 push-ups a day a year ago. I haven’t made it, but I got up to 300.
Is it bad to do push ups every day?
no its not bad man why would it be? all your doing is developing your back and also do some pull ups while your at it

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how many push ups should i do a day to lose man boobs?
Q: im 15 and i weigh 190 pounds. i have huge man boobs. i started running most of the week for more then 30 minutes a day. i also workout 4 days a week. but i want to know how many push ups a day i should do to lose man boobs.
A: wow man, I’m sorry that these people on here can’t really help you with your question, but at least I can to some extentFirst of all, strength training DOES burn fat, more than cardio because the more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn…..trust me, I have lower body fat than most marathoners, except I”m so strong from doing olympic lifts, I could EASILY throw them over my head…..It’s not a matter HOW many pushups, you can’t really focus on toning ONE spot on your body, it’s about your overall body fat..to burn body fat, I would advise full body weight workouts coupled with Interval training( alternating bouts of fast and slow running) a great program for interval cardio that is exactly 3o minutes is the following7 minutes slow jog1 minute sprint2 minutes slow jog1 minute spring2 minutes slow jog1 minute spring2 minutes slow jog1 minute sprint 2 minutes slow jog1 minute sprint 10 minutes slow jog….that’s 30 mins right there, and that’ll REALLY help you burn fat, especially if you have the opportunity to do this after lifting because lifting uses your glycogen stores, and once those are depleted you go straight to burning fatDRINK LOTS OF WATER AND SLEEP WELLas far as you “moobs” you may actually have to end up seeing a doctor about this, but you’re only 15 and things can changeI hope this helps, email me with any other concerns
Is it better to do push ups at one time or spread out during the day?
Q: I do about 50-70 push ups every day, and sometimes i do them all in sets right before bed.Would it be better to do a set in the morning, then a set in the afternoon, then a set before bed?which will help the muscles grow the most?
A: If you want to build muscle, you shouldn’t just be doing push ups that are all the same. Your muscles will eventually get used to the workload, so what you want to do is change what you’re doing to target the muscle groups. Your muscles would probably still develop better if you do them all at once since muscle builds when the area is fatigued. If you want to build chest, i would suggest doing pushups that are wide (spread your arms far apart) , normal (shoulder width) , and close ( diamond pushups).
Are doing push-ups every day healthy for your body? Or should one do it every other day?
Q: I want to do push-ups every day before I go to sleep. I do around 20. The next day, my arms start to ache, but I still do the push-ups at night. Is this healthy? Or should I switch to doing it every OTHER day instead?
A: Every other day definitely, you can also put your feet on a chair while your doing them this will make it harder, but you’ll gain faster. Also don’t forget to do your upper back (high rows). If you just do pushups, you’ll develop rounded shoulders from a tight chest muscle. Got to keep the body balanced so you don’t end up with a spine being pulled one way more than the other.

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