What is the most weight done on the bench press

What is the most weight done on the bench press

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Gene Rychlak Jr. Gene has recorded a huge bench press of 1005 pounds (457kg) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-weight-done-on-the-bench-press ]
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What damage can be done? lifting too much weight/too heavy (muscl…?
No offense to lola, but I’m going to disagree with this entirely. By that advice, almost everyone I know who lifts weights, including myself, is using too much weight. Some people regularly do a SINGLE rep – for example, to determine their …
When doing bench presses do you count the weight of the bar as we…?
Yes, you count the weight of the bar A lot of bodybuilders, myself included, just talk about what is on the bar in the gym,…
Should there be a greater burn in the chest while doing free weig…?
When you bench press you work the chest muscles, and also the shoulders and triceps. The chest is a big, strong muscle, the shoulders and triceps are smaller and weaker. So when you do bench presses, your shoulders and triceps tire out firs…

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What is a good bench press weight for women?
Q: On a (male? standard?) free weight bench press. I did 55 pounds today (bar + 10 on each side) and I can do 45 pretty easily. I am 125 lb. What is a good goal? I don’t want to get big muscles. I am just starting out and my gym doesn’t have smaller female bars or anything.
A: well it aint about how much you can doits about what your body considers light weight like the first guy, 12-15 reps is goodin order to fully workout a whole muscle group such as the chest, you need to do 3 sets 3 sets of 12-15 reps at the same weight this wil develop lean muscles and tone different weights for different peopleits about KNOWING your body and its limit good luck and stick with it
Are there ant tips or tricks to improve my bench press weight?
Q: I don’t use the free weight bench press…I use the one that guides the pole (not sure what it’s called) so far I can only do 5pounds on each side. How can I imporve on raising the weight more…if I do this everyday how long do you think it should take for my to double up and do 10 and 10 one each side?
A: You’re a girl? Stop bench pressing, guys don’t like really muscley chicks.
How does the seated chest press compare to a regular, free-weight bench press?
Q: I don’t have anyone to work out with so I’m limited to using machines rather than free weights on a lot of things. The closest machine my gym has to a bench press is the seated chest press. I’m just wondering if there’s any way to compare the two; i.e: If I can lift “x” on the seated chest press, what should I expect to be able to lift on a free weight bench press.
A: You really can’t compare. The chest press machine usually runs on a pulley system so just because you can lift 200lbs on the machine does not mean you can do that on the bench press. also, the chest press machine isolates your chest…while the bench press uses stabilizer muscles so again can’t compare. At your gym do you have dumbbells? You can do a dumbbell bench press. Are there any staff that work at the gym who could spot you while you bench?

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