What is the normal heartrate

What is the normal heartrate

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Children 16 & under 70-100 beats per minute Adults age 18 and over 60-100 beats per minute. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-normal-heartrate ]
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What is normal heartrate?
Yes sir…I’m a EMT and the preferred heart rate for a healthy male at your age…being that there is no cardiac history is between 60-100. Below 60 is considered bradycardic and above 100 is considered tachycardic. If you are in really goo…
Is my heart rate normal?
you seem light for your height and if the docs already checked your heartrate , then it must be ok, it is normal for the eart to increase its rate after excercise
What is a normal heart rate for the baby?
I believe the average heartrate for babies in utero is 120-160, with accelerations being above that even, and of course there are always babies that have rates above and below the average. It’s a pretty wide range. Our DD was always in the …

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Im 22 wks pregnant, what is the normal heartrate for baby?
Q: I knew this at one point but my baby seems to have a pretty extremely high heartrate @ 164bpm. WHat is the normal heartrates? I thought it was like 130-160 but not sure. THANKS!I have a fetal monitor at home.. seeing doc on mon just checking – thanks everyone!!!
A: I have 4 children, both of the boys heartrates were always between 125 and 140 and the girls heartrates were always between 145 and 165 so I wouldn’t be nervous. If it concerns you I would just ask your dr at your next visit. Good Luck with the new baby!! =)
is it normal for my heartrate to jump quickly when i start to workout?
Q: i have always been active. I just turned 40. I joined the gym. I start on the elliptical and my hear rate jumps up to the high 150s. Is this normal? I feel like it is beating out of my chest. I am not really that out of breath. After I stop and go to another machine it comes back down to the low 100s.
A: Whats your resting heartrate? Try checking it now, if it is above average when you aren’t exercising then you should see the doctor. Low 100s is fine in the middle of a workout but if its that high in general its a sign of poor health/high risk of heart attack. Your heartrate will jump like that if you work out too hard? Try starting out slower on the elliptical and working up to a good rate- probably 140s max, you can google ‘target heartrate’ for a calculator that will tell you the best range for exercise. I am pretty sure that high 150s is too high though, don’t let it get/stay that high. The elliptical takes more energy than other machines like bike or treadmill, that is probably why it is raising your heartrate more. Anyway, its relatively normal but it sounds like its getting a bit too high. Take things a little slower and probably it will improve along with your strength and endurance. If you have a high resting heartrate or it takes a long time for it to get back to normal, or slowing down doesn’t help much, then see your doctor for a checkup. They recommend you do that anyway when you start exercising?
Im 16 weeks pregnant, and the baby’s heartrate is 128 bpm, is that a normal heartrate?
Q: Im only worried because last time I was at the Doctors, about 3 weeks ago on Feb 6th, it was very fast, about 160 bpm….is something happening to my baby or was it just less active than usual ? I didnt see my normal doctor so it didnt really make me feel better when the other doctor said it was normal…can someone please help me ?
A: Very normal…babys heart rate fluctuates throughout pregnancy….128 is fine…my daughters heart rate was usually around 130…Good Luck!

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