What muscles do you work when you do push-ups

What muscles do you work when you do push-ups

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Pushups work the pectoralis major, deltoids, scapular muscles, rotator cuff, triceps, and the back muscles. Keep on ChaChaing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-muscles-do-you-work-when-you-do-push%26%2345%3Bups ]
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What muscles do push ups work?
While it takes several muscles to hold your body in the plank position for a push up, the main work horses in a push up are your chest and tricep muscles. Your pectoralis muscles, more commonly known as the pecs, tighten to move your should…
Which muscle does push-ups work out?
pushups promote strength, balance and stability by developing several key muscles, including the pectoralis major in the chest, the deltoids or shoulder muscles, the scapular muscles and rotator cuff, the triceps located on the back of the …
Which muscles are worked during push-ups?
The muscles that are affected by this work out are mainly your pectorals and deltoids , but also to a less degree, forearms and triceps. This exercise also helps with your latimus dorsi (lats). There are also back muscles involved that will…

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What muscles does Hindu squats and push ups work?
Q: I recently found out about Hindu squats and push ups, which are supposed to be really good, but i have no idea what muscles they actually work or if they are actually good?If you guys can help me out, it would be great.Thanks
A: Why don’t you do a couple and see what’s sore tomorrow.
What muscles do push ups work on?
Q: What muscles do push ups work on?I heard that it only works your triceps, but not your biceps…
A: not only your triceps, it also works your chest and shoulders/back, but it does have little or no effect on biceps…
What muscles do push-ups work and how effective are they as muscle building exercises?
Q: I don’t just want to know the major muscles worked, but all the stabalizers as well.
A: great question!mostly the pectorals (“pectoralis major” & “clavicular head)) but we also use the deltoid (“anterior deltoid”) and triceps (“triceps brachii) in addition to the anconeus (a small muscle wrapped around the elbow).you can do different variations of a push up to work different muscles:feet higher isolates the clavicular head, and a higher chest isolates the smaller sections of the pectoralis. by putting your hands wider, you work the the lateral parts of the pectoral where as hands closer together isolates the sternal heaf of the pectoral.Push ups are one of the most effective exercises you can do, and you can increase their intensity (explosive push ups, T-push ups, incline pushups) as you build muscle.

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