What sport do you run more in basketball or soccer

What sport do you run more in basketball or soccer

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I can not find any studies that detail the difference, but I would guess Soccer since the length of the playing area is larger. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-sport-do-you-run-more-in-basketball-or-soccer ]
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Which sport basketball or soccer does the most running in full ga…?
well it could be either soccer they do get breaks and same with basketball but the shooting time and the passing time takes away running time in basketball so I think you run more in soccer

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do basketball players run more than soccer players?
Q: i’ve watched both sports. people say that soccer players are always running, but i just watched a couple games and people are standing around half the time. i watched basketball recently and guys are always moving, running up and down the floor. i dont play either sport so i’m favoriting the sport i play, but i do think basketball players run more
A: i think it all depends on what kind of plays you run during a basketball game because i think basketball players can easily run more than soccer players.
I do alot of sports- basketball, cycling, running and soccer.What kind of underwear would be most comfortable?
Q: I was thinking along the line of Calvin Klein or D&G. Which types would any of you out there recommend? thanks.
A: Wow. I do all the same sports. I wear spandex. They make you more aerodynamic cuz they tuck in your junk. Spandex are built for sports. I know T-Mac wears them and probably more pro athletes wear spandex as well. In cycling they’re uniforms are spandex so its a perfect fit. If I were you, I would try spandex.
Whats the sport that is almost like soccer but instead players run with the ball in hand?
Q: the players run with the ball but they have to bounce it like a basketball. the players also have two ways of scoring either by kicking it through a net guarded by a goalie or they kick it through a field goal like in football. they also get yellow and red cardslike in soccer. i think they play it in Ireland.players run with the ball. the ball looks like a soccer ball. the players have to bounce the ball or they get some kind of traveling with the ball. its almost like rugby kind of play but its not. the players also get penalties like in soccer with red and yellow cards. the players have to score the ball through a net guarded by a goalie or they can kick it through a field goal like structure right above the net. i think this sport is played in ireland. i also think the season might have just ended.
A: It’s called Gaelic football. The season hasn’t ended yet, the final is on 16th September. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaelic_football It’s not the same as aussie rules.

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