What workout can you do to make your butt smaller

What workout can you do to make your butt smaller

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To make your butt smaller, tighter, and sexier simply follow these steps: First, make sure you follow a healthy diet. Then do workouts 2-3 times a week that include squats, lunges, deadlifts, and running. This will help your butt in no time! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-workout-can-you-do-to-make-your-butt-smaller ]
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Are there any easy workouts i can do everyday to make my thighs a…?
The right cardio exercise and weight training activities (like squats and deadlifts) can make a difference in your backside and help you get those buns of steel. Find out the best cardio and strength training exercises for strengthening and…
Will butt workouts make my butt bigger or smaller??
It should make your butt look more firm. If you have a rather large bottom to begin with, it may make it smaller. It really just depends.
How can i make my butt smaller, like what are really good workout…?
ur probably just pear shaped, which means carry all ur extra weight around ur hips and thighs. http://www.articlecity.com/articles/wome… there is a link to an article with a few exercises i have taken up running over the summer, and within …

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Will doing butt exercises make your butt smaller, rounder or larger?
Q: I have a huge butt and I was wondering what would happen if a I do butt exercises coz I dont want to lose my butt! (squats, lunges, the ones when you’re on the floor, stuff like that). These exercises are from billy blanks advanced taebo workout and jillian michaels no more trouble zones workout.
A: Bun exercises will tone/firm your glute muscles. They won’t make your butt smaller unless you have fat back there and are also doing workouts to burn fat. The more exercises geared toward the buns you do, you can make those muscles larger…to a point.
What are the best simple in home workouts to make my butt smaller?
Q: I am 5′ 10″ and wiegh 165lbs so I am not fat at all but my but is a little big. Girls seems to like it a lot but more in the sense that they wish there butt looked like it. Not cool. Anyways, how can I make it smaller?
A: just do some total-body exercises. That’ll burn fat everywhree and tone your muscles.
Truthfully, does anybody know if belly dancing make your hips/butt smaller with the stomach which I dont want?
Q: I want to learn belly dancing because it sounds like a fun alternative to excersize. But I only want to make my stomach/waist flatter and smaller but people say that it ”tones” ur whole body. when ppl say ”tone” do you mean smaller because I dont want to make my hips, butt, or boobs smaller..Does anybody know any ways how I can only work the stomach in belly dancing or keeps my lower body the same size while still working it? Any workout tapes that only work the stomach or doesn’t ”tone whole body” (does tone whole body mean making lower body smaller too)??Please tell me truth because I dont want whole body smaller, only belly and thats what I thought bellydancing did.Thanks!!thx bottom poster, now I know what toning means but if I’m not in ”good shape” and am comfortable with that, are there any foods I can eat that keep the rest of your body how it was??p.s.- What I’m simply trying to say is that I like junk in the trunk but want to tone belly , any ideasThanks!!
A: By “toning” they mean making firmer–not necessarily smaller. If you’re already in good shape, I wouldn’t worry about it making you smaller. Check out All Star Workouts on FitTV. They have a belly dancing segment that’s a lot of fun. You can try it out without having to pay for a class to see if you’re going to like it.

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