Whats a good diet pill

Whats a good diet pill

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Alli diet pill, is the first over-the-counter weight loss drug, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ..more? ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/whats-a-good-diet-pill ]
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What is a good diet pill?
Now whenever it comes to weight loss you should follow these simple steps that have helped me tremendously lose weight, pretty quickly if you ask me. And I’ve been trying to lose weight forever and finally found the correct system to help m…
Which Diet Pills Work Best?
Don’t be! We have compiled thousands of Customer Reviews, Expert Reviews, and Clinical Studies that make up the most comprehensive list of the Best Diet Pills. With the largest selection of diet pill reviews that work, you finally have th…
Is there a good Diet pill out there?
Im takng trimspa ef.Im one of those ppl who have anxiety problems.Im taking the trimspa for the appetite suppression.Im also on a 1200 calorie a day plan to get kick started.Then im going to switch over to protein power plan.Especially sinc…

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Whats a good diet pill that really works?
Q: hi..so i used to have those metabolife pills with ephedra ( i bought a crap load of them off ebay before they were out) i have ran out of them about 6 months ago and tried other diet pills. i know i know i know i should exersice to keep the weight off but to be honest i work the graveyard shift, so i get off work and go straight to bed and i’m to damm lazy to exersice. for a long time metabolife worked.. it kept the weight off without me having to exercise. but know since i’m off that pill everyones saying im gaining weight fast and i can SOOO notice it. my question is has anyone tried the metabolife pills that have no ephedra in it. i never tried it cause i heard it didnt work so i never bothered to try it.oh and just so you know, when i was taking the epedra pills i would only take 2 per day. for some reason it made me super shaky and weak. plus i’m anemic so i think it hit me differntly then most people. i dont think my body could handle if i took more then 2. sometimes my heart would beat so hard and fast, i know that was the epedra but gosh that stuff work’d
A: MetaboLife is now Herbalean, and yes, it has Ephedra! As of April 14th of this year, the FDA lifted the ban on Ephedra, so it’s completely legal, and has always been safe.Like everyboyd else here says – there is no magic pill, and you should always have a good diet plan with exercise. BUT, Herbalea is an excellent supplement to any diet plan.Herbalean has anew formula that has Ephedra and Hoodia – so you get energy for the whole day, and appetite suppression as well. It’s an extended release formula, so you won’t get the jitters like you might have with the old MetaboLife.
whats is a good diet pill for people who don’t have all the time in the world to exercise?
Q: I don’t have much time in my schedule for exercising because of my four month old and my boyfriends daughter I am always watching kids and trying to maintain our house so is there a diet pill out there that will help me lose any weight?
A: Phentermine has really helped me curb my appetite, but it’s hard to get without a prescription. No pill can make up for not exercising though.-S
Whats a good diet pill to take?
Q: I know diet pills aren’t good for you . But i want real feedback * I KNOW EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISE IS THE BEST WAYplease do not post those answers… i am trying to eat healthy and i exercise so i want something to help speed up the process. thanks so much!
A: Zein, you can’t get it easily though…unless u live in lebanon…or if you know someone who lives in lebanon or going for a visit or something…….ask them to bring you this diet pill……its great!im not sure if u can find it anywhere else but ask about it.

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