Why do people lose weight during sleep

Why do people lose weight during sleep

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Your body keeps working even when you sleep. There is some research going on that says if you are sleep deprived, you gain weight. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-lose-weight-during-sleep ]
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How much weight is lost during sleeping?
well, your body does burn some calories while you sleep,and you lose some water weight. i’d say most people would see maybe a 2 lb difference from the night before, but you get most of it back when you eat and drink, etc. if you want to mea…
How do people with sleep apnea gain weight?
Actually the sleep apnea doesn’t direct cause weight gain, usually it’s the other way around. But sleep apnea can indirectly cause weight by making you tired through-out your day and thus less likely to exercise.
What does “lean” on a food label mean?
Food labels are regulated by the federal government. To qualify as “lean,” a main dish or packaged meal must contain up to 8 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of saturated fat, and 80 milligrams of cholesterol per five ounces. While choosin…

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Q: I accidentally heard there is some kind of therapy that helps people to lose weight DURING SLEEP HOURS! Is that possible? Do you happen to know a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist that practices such thing? I would like to try this – Lose weight in sleep, it sounds tempting and I thing it can actually work. I tried pills and other methods and I still don’t like my body when facing the mirror. Do you think it would help? I’m from Romania and here this is a kind of new concept, it’s not a well known practice. Maybe you can share more on this topic.I’m being serious, man! There is a specific program of hypnosis that dictates your subconscious mind to feel thin and start eating less. You better treat this topic seriously or go and ask a psychologist. he’ll tell you more. Or just search the net. Thanks.
A: yes you can, when the clock turns 12pm a little gremlin will come into your room and suck all of the fat out.*You can get this service by going onto www.ebay.com and in 1 week you will lose 20 kg : )
How to lose weight during night?
Q: So I work a night time job, hours are 11:00pm to 7:00am, ever since I started this job I have trouble losing weight, so I’ve been gaining weight. I work at a hotel, and I need a little help on what can I do to lose some weight. I sleep during the day, I go to school for 4 hours 5:30pm-9:30pm then I have to come straight back to work. I have days off on the weekend, what I am asking, what’s the best type of lunch I could bring to work, and what really should I be doing?
A: Go to gym on weekends. And exercise yourself on weekdays.Try bringing fruit salad in lunchbox. Dont include mangoes, apples banana, pineapple ,grapes etc in it. Add more of papaya, watermelon, melon guava etc.
on average, how much weight do you lose when you sleep at night?
Q: I know it’s probably water weight, but on average, per night, how much does a person lose during sleep?
A: 1-2 lbs, depends on your resting metabolism.

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