Why is it true

Why is it true

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It is true because it is a law of nature. Go ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-true ]
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Hello, Sister Kimberly! That way of writing is sometimes called “set builder” notation. It is a way to describe a particular set of objects. The first letter (x) is a varaible representing the elements in the set. The vertical lin…
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Is it true that contacts usually last only a month?
Q: I heard somewhere that you had to get new contacts every month because I guess they just mess up or something… But is it true that contacts only last for about a month? Thanks.
A: It depends on the type and brand of lens. How long reusable lenses last depends a lot on how you care for them, how sensitive your eyes are, and your doctor’s recommendations and instructions. Most people can usually wear them a few months more or less without problems.
why is it harder for african american to grow longer hair?
Q: i see some african americans with longer beautiful hair and then i see some african americans with shorter hair.my hair goes down my back but STILL i rather it would be longer.I cut my hair one time ( it was longer but i cut it to my back) and ever since it seems to be stuck there it doesnt really grow.i also read that the darker your hair is the faster it grows so if thats true wouldnt african americans be the one with longer hair?
A: It appears harder, but is not actually. Our hair grows just as fast as everyone elses, but the problem is maintaining length. Because from birth we are taught to do the wrong things to our hair, like greasing our scalps with hair grease (which contains mineral oils and clogs your pores), or saying that wetting your hair too much breaks the hair off, which is not true, our hair loves water. Alot of hair care products that target blacks and some latinas, are actually harmful to your hair, and do more damage than good. Black and latina women continue to buy these products thinking it will eliminate the problem and make their hair grow really long, when in actuality makes the problem worse by making the hair unhealthy.The products you may be using most likely are contributing to your hair breakage. Some of these horrid products, are relaxers, pink oil, grease, and so on and so forth. Which is why you have to pay attention to the ingredients that are in these products.To maintain length you should avoid the following ingredients: mineral oil, petrolatum/petroleum, and sulfates (which are mainly found in shampoos); reason being, these ingredients dry out your hair. The whole goal to maintaining length is MOISTURE, depending on your hair. You have to pay close attention to your hair and what products work for your hair. Your hair regimen should contain a shampoo, a conditioner, a deep conditioner (moisturizing and protein for proper hair balance), a leave – in conditioner, a moisturizer, a light oil, and styler (optional). You also have to do a trial and error of products, because what might work for me might not work for you. To start, you should shampoo your hair once a week, I use Castille soap from Trader Joe’s as it does not strip my hair of moisture, followed by Herbal Essence’s ‘Hello Hydration’ conditioner, I then deep condition with with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. You can find shampoos that don’t contain sulfates at health food stores, and drugstores. Also, you should detangle once a week, using a wide tooth comb or denman brush while your hair is wet and loaded with conditioner, starting from the ends, and slowly working your way up. When drying your hair with a towel, always pat dry, because doing it messy will pull your hair out. When washing your hair, massage scalp with your fingers, never place all of the hair on top of your head, and go crazy, because that also pulls hair out. You should deep condition once a week with a moisturizing deep conditioner, and once or twice a month with a protein treatment, eggs/mayo are fine (don’t sit under dryer otherwise you’ll have scrambled egg effect, instead use a plastic cap or bag and put towel around your head to maintain heat for about a half hour to an hour), if you’re on a budget, if not alot of women rave about APhogee 2-step protein treatment, which needs to followed with the APhogee balancer. You know you’ll need a protein treatment if you’re experiencing lots of breakage and or shedding. The protein treatment should be followed with a deep conditioning treatment afterwards. If you wear your hair naturally, you can do a co-wash daily (washing hair with conditioner), that adds moisture as well. After you co – wash or wash your hair, you need a good moisturizer, that does not contain the ingredients I mentioned, followed by a light oil. A light oil is used to seal in moisture, some choices are almond, olive, or coconut. I use shea butter as a moisturizer and coconut oil to seal in the moisture. Also, what you will need is a good leave-in conditioner as well. I use Cantu Shea Butter Leave – In, and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave – In, after I condition wash, then the moisturizer (shea butter), followed by my coconut oil. A couple of more things to add: if you blow dry or flat iron/curl your hair, make sure you are using a heat protectant, very important, before you go swimming, make sure to put conditioner in your hair, this keeps the chlorine/sea salt from drying out your hair. When sleeping at night, you should have either, a satin/silk scarf, bonnet, or pillow case. You should clarify your hair at least once a month also, so you do not get product build up, this can be acheived with baking soda and water, or apple cider vinnegar and water. If you do relax your hair, make sure to just relax your roots, constantly applying relaxer to your hair strands weakens and overprocesses your hair. Because our hair is so much more delicate, it needs extra special care if a relaxer is applied, because relaxers are known to break off hair tremendously.As far as trimming your hair is concerned, pay close attention to your ends. If your ends are split or breaking, you need to trim them with hair shears/scissors. You don’t need to trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks if your hair is healthy. I’m transitioning right now, so every 4-6 weeks I’ve been cutting off my relaxed ends. You only need to trim your ends if they are damaged. Everyone’s hair is different and some people need to trim more than others. I’ve obtained alot of this information by doing a six month research using google,youtube, and hair care forums, such as: nappturality.com, motowngirl.com, longhaircareforum.com, etc., because I too used to think our hair was incapable of growing long. As a result of me following this regimen, my hair has grown longer, and thicker, and I’ve experienced less breakage and shedding.Hope this helps ; )
Is it true that a lion is only 69% as strong as a tiger in the forelimbs?
Q: I have read this book that said the lion only possesses 2/3 of the tiger’s strength in the forelimbs. Is this true?
A: That seems a little excessive in the tiger’s favour to me. Yes, tigers are generally bigger than lions, but not THAT much bigger. A tiger is usually a little bit stronger because it’s bigger, but the difference isn’t extreme – pit a lion and tiger against each other and either one could win. If the tiger were that much stronger it would probably win most if not all of the time, and that simply isn’t the case (we have records of this from the days when people used to do this sort of barbaric thing for fun). If you a had a tiger and lion of equal size, they would be equally as strong – the tiger’s only stronger because it’s bigger, not because it’s built more powerfully or whatever.

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