Will doing crunches help flatten my stomach

Will doing crunches help flatten my stomach

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The best way to flatten your stomach is to do a cardio workout to get rid of the fat. Crunches will help define the abs. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-doing-crunches-help-flatten-my-stomach ]
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Does anyone know if doing 100 crunches a night will really help t…?
Nope, it’ll just tone the abdominal muscles under that layer of fat. Keep doing the cardio. If possible, step it up a bit so you’ll continue to burn fat throughout your entire body; then you can start toning your body.

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Will doing crunches in combination with HIIT flatten my stomach?
Q: Will there be a big difference if I don’t do crunches?(Of course I am following a healthy diet)Will i gain muscle by doing crunches? And if I do gain muscle, then won’t the muscle burn fat?
A: There won’t be a huge different, crunches build up your abs rather than loose fat.
Does doing crunches help flatten your stomach?
Q: I’m okay with my weight, but i want a bit flatter stomach. Any other advice on food or types of exercises i should try? A major part of my stomach has to do with my “love handles” I need to get rid of them too.
A: Crunches will definitely help, if you do them properly. You will be toning your ab muscles, which will not only burn fat but firm up the area.But you may want to do variations of crunches as well, such as pulling up towards one side and the other to work out the muscles on the side, too. And as always, eating healthy will most definitely help. Fruits and veggies with lots of water. Don’t deprive yourself of carbs, just eat more complex ones like whole wheats and grains. Protein will also help in that your muscles will have more raw building material (amino acids) to bulk up. Just don’t overdo it with the protein as it may just turn into fat or get you poisoned.
Is it true that If you do crunches your stomach will flatten?
A: Only if you do a certain amount. You have to do like 50 consistantly each day for like 1.5 months then probably. Also depends where you’re starting….fat, decent, …..

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