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Can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack

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A:An irregular heartbeat is an arrhythmia (also called dysrhythmia). Heart rates can also be … It can cause heart palpitations, fainting, or heart failure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-irregular-heartbeat-cause-heart-attack ]
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Is a heart arrhythmia the same as a heart attack?
Is Heart Arrhythmia The Same As A Heart Attack? ・ There not the same. An arrhythmia (also called dysrhythmia) is an irregular heartbeat. Heart rates can … ・ A Heart Arrhythmia is a irregular heartbeat that may also cause regular episodes…
Does an irregular heartbeat mean I’m at risk for a heart attack??
Not necessarily. The heart normally beats regularly between 60 and 100 beats per minute. You can time your heartbeat from the pulse in your wrist or neck. Skipped or extra beats make the pulse irregular.
Does Cesium Chloride Causes Heart Problems?
I sometimes get asked the question of whether cesium chloride causes heart attacks or other heart problems. It seems orthodox medicine is using their tricks to make it look like cesium chloride is more dangerous than chemotherapy when treat…

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Irregular HeartBeat.?
Q: Can a Irregular Heartbeat cause a Heart Attack,Cardiac Arrest,SCA?.
A: Yes, it most certainly can. Any arrhythmia or irregular heart beat requires investigation by your Dr to determine the cause and needed treatment. Some irregular heart beats are begin and others may be lethal. Do not ignore this symptom, have it checked, if chest pain, pressure, tightness or feeling lightheaded are also present it is a medical emergency seek treatment immediately.RN, Cardiac
Can heavy coughing cause irregular heartbeat?
Q: I do know you can save yourself from a heart attack by coughing to keep your heart going.
A: I heared something like that before
benign ectopic beats/irregular heart rythum?
Q: , I have ectopic heartbeats and irregular heartbeat,just lately i have been so breathless, ive had 2 chest xrays oth normal,FBC-normal, 2 holter mons that showed benign ectopic beats a heart scan that showed normal heart, I cannot breath,the dr has ruledout asthma,i think its no coincidence that the breathlessness coincides with when my heart is beating irregulary/skipping, can a irregular heartbeat cause this breathlessness, can it cause other irregularitys eg atrial fib, will it killme,i get chest pain with it, my auntie had a heart attack at 32, i have normal blood pressure, my bloodoxygen is 97-is that normal,if there was a problem with my heart would it be low? what could be causing the breathlessness,sorry for all the questions.Liz
A: Have you not been refereed to a respirologist yet, this haas been going on for a long time. Insist that you go and see a Dr who specializes in lung disorders.
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