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Can my symptoms be anything other than pregnancy

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It could be the flu, or mono. It’s also possible that you’re just starting a very bad period. If you are unsure, see a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-my-symptoms-be-anything-other-than-pregnancy ]
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy other than morning sickness an…?
There are other signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You have mentioned two of the most common and the most obvious, an absence of menses. However, you should also remember that early morning nausea and the lack of menses can also occur with ot…
What do these symptoms suggest, other than pregnancy??
it could be anemia or a space occupying lesion in the brain (rare) the only way to properly diagnose it is to see a doctor
Are there other reasons for theese symptoms other than pregnancy??
First thing that popped in to my mind about your “other than pregnancy” question: Are you working out a lot, and drinking lots of water to hydrate yourself? Sometimes women who exercise a lot miss their period. Sometimes the endo…

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Is there anything other than pregnancy that can cause lactation?
Q: I have only been sexually active with my current boyfriend for one month. Before that, I have not had sex in three years. Tonight, however, I noticed that there is a milky discharge from one of my nipples.1. Is it possible for lactation to occur in only one breast?2. Is there anything other than pregnancy that can cause lactation? (i.e. during foreplay, my boyfriend sucks on my breasts… can this stimulation cause it?)3. How early in pregnancy does lactation start?I have not had any other blatant symptoms of pregnancy, and I have an appointment with a free clinic to take a test there, but I wanted to know beforehand if there is any hope.I am on birth control; I take the shot, Depo-Provera. My boyfriend and I do not use condoms because he cannot keep it up with them (no lie, sad but true).I also have a very messed up reproductive system. I had some cysts on my ovaries when I was a child, so until I got on birth control, my periods were irregular- too long, too heavy, too short, too light… you get it.Just to clarify that it was not completely unprotected, but also missed periods would not be a way to tell.Also, my regular doctor has said that it is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to conceive
A: Lactation could happen even if you are not pregnant. I’ve known of women who breastfeed their adopted babies so in that case they never got pregnant. They breastfeed with the help of milk inducing medicenes. But these types of medecines play with the hormones -Prolactin is a very good cause of it. if Prolactin hormone is too much in the body it might lead to a fluid flowing out of the nipples. Its not good if that is the case because it might lead to infertility also and as you are saying that your doctor has told you that you can never be pregnant I want to say that no doctor can tell you if you’ll ever have a child or not. its all in God’s hands. But if your prolactin is high then it can be corrected with medicenes. See a good reprodutive endocrinologist for fertility meds.
Can anything other than pregnancy cause sudden food aversions and nausea?
Q: We have been TTC for two years. This is the first time I have been late in 5 months and I am having serious problems with food aversions and scents bothering me. I have been using the $store pregnancy tests with first morning urine with a BFN each time even though I am a week and a half late. My breasts are also larger and the areolas have grown increasingly dark in the last couple of weeks. Both of these symptoms I have never experienced before. I have also had other symptoms. Can the food aversions be related to anything else? Or are they mainly a pregnancy symptom?Thanks!
A: I had a bladder infection once, and had very specific aversions and nausea to certain foods. I went to the Dr and had all the tests, I definitely was not pregnant. They determined it was a bladder infection and in less than 48 hours I was fine again. Well, 7 or 8 yrs later and I still can’t eat A&W chicken lol. But it does sound like you are pregnant, those same things happened to me early in my pregnancy and now I am 35 weeks. Go get a blood test, and good luck!!!!
Is there anything other than pregnancy this can be?
Q: You might see this was posted in the pregnancy section but I accidently put it into the wrong section, sorry.In the past 2 weeks I have noticed several symptoms all starting that resemble pregnancy. Me and my partner are sexually active, without contraception as we are trying for a baby but I had, what I think was a light and only 2 day period this month so I was wondering what else it could be. BTW, I haven’t taken a HPT yet as I have had some bleeding this month and I’d rather not have that horrible feeling as I see a negative test staring at me again!Symptoms are:Feeling bloated, Nausea, Headaches, Sensitive to taste and smell of cream(as in puddings), Frequent urination or excessive amount each time, Achey, Feeling physically drained after doing not much and Moodswings.Any ideas are VERY welcome and appreciated, thank you.
A: I have a few friends that bled even though they were pregnant. Good luck conceiving!
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