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Can the stomach flu be spread airborne

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Viral Gastroenteritis is contagious through eating or drinking contaminated foods or beverages or contaminated stool or vomitus. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-the-stomach-flu-be-spread-airborne ]
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Can the stomach flu be spread airborne
Viral Gastroenteritis is contagious through eating or drinking contaminated foods or beverages or contaminated stool or vomitus.
How can you prevent the stomach flu? Is it airborne??
First off, There is no stomach influenza. It’s probably gastroenteritis, and no, it isn’t usually spread by inhalation, but I would continue to wash my hands alcoholic sanitizer. If you get it, drink alot of water and wash your hands alot i…
Will taking airborne stop u from getting the stomach flu??
No. Airborne won’t help at all. The viruses that cause the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) are present in vomit and feces. The illness is spread when a few of these viruses get into someone else’s mouth. If you always wash your hands be…

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Is the 24-hour stomach virus airborne?
Q: If I walked by someone who had it, would I be able to catch it? I’ve researched on google and found different answers. Some websites say it’s spread only through direct contact with the sick person, and it only becomes airborne once that person vomits/makes a bowel movement. Other sites say that it is airborne and can be spread throughout the air.Which is correct? I’m hoping it’s the first one..because the stomach flu is certainly going around.. and I have a phobia of being sick!!I’m talking about Norwalk and Noroviruses.
A: It is not airborne. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Well, not the DUMBEST. Anyways, it can be a virus or a bacteria that has to be ingested. So it is transferred by touch with unclean surfaces that a sick person has touched. Bodily fluid transfer…oral and even nasal secretions as well as fecal-oral transmission.And in regards to the Norovirus, norwalk virus, and norwalk-like viruses….they’re most often seen on cruise ships…and they are not airborne.
Additional facts and questions about the Mystery Bug in Dogs?
Q: My question, quickly, Does anyone have any suggestions on homeopathic pain control for dogs and dental problems. The vet cannot respond aggressively right now because of the bug Duffie has, and he is already on Rimadyl. FURTHER:Thank all of you who responded to my question and starred it concerning Duffie’s illness. He did much better last night and here on the eighth day of madness, I am cautiously optimistic for the first time. He is still not eating and has moments where he is in pain. Of course I can only tell from his symptoms, but those symptoms are there.It is early and my head is not clear so bear with me: The bug … Please do not think this is another case of canine flu or the mutated form of Parvo. The CDC nor the vet seems to be totally aware of all of the things involved here yet and the symptoms are so wide-ranged it is very hard to pin point anything. As I said before, it begins with something very akin to Parvo, and in all the research I have done, may actually begin in areas with an otherwise healthy dog being vaccinated and then getting sick. That is what has happened in every rescue here. That is what happened with me. I took in a litter of pups from another rescue that needed some help. The pups were vaccinated and soon after began dying with what appeared to be Parvo. The only difference was they were dying very quickly. The first death occurred within 8 hours from the first symptoms, and three hours before the first symptoms the dogs were running and playing, and eating well.I do not know how many dogs the other rescues have lost. I was fortunate and contained it to four pups. But I can tell you when my senior dog fell ill it threw me for a total loop. He was never exposed to the sick pups and was fully vaccinated and current. He was fine one moment and eating, in fact, attempting to scarf some ice cream from me. He was totally asymptomatic and it had been a full two weeks since the last pup had passed with the mutated form of Parvo. Though by the time the last pup passed it did not look like Parvo any longer. And the test did produce positive results on only two of the pups by the way. The other two tested negative for Parvo.Duffie threw up twice, and it appeared to be stomach bile. He drank some water and seemed otherwise ok. There was no temp at that time. I did check. I have no issue with calling my vet at any hour. Believe me, I kicked myself over and over for letting it go that night even though Duffie seemed to get over whatever it was rather quickly.Then the brutal diarrhea hit. By morning and the vet he had parvo-like symptoms, with bloody diarrhea. He was showing symptoms typically associated with the very end of Parvo before death.So from onset to there was less than eight hours.By day four, when you normally know you have beaten Parvo, he had other symptoms that bore no resemblance to Parvo or flu. His diarrhea was positive for bacterial infection and we changed the antibiotic to Flagyl at that point. The symptoms have been treated as they arise.When I have a chance, I will compose a complete list of symptoms. We are fighting to understand what is going on here and all in this area are attempting to get this bug isolated and find an answer somewhere. The one thing we do know is it is not isolated to us. We have been told one thing only thus far by the powers that be: this does seem to begin with a vaccine being given and then spreads from the vaccinated dog. From what we have seen, it appears to be airborne, so please, please use care and if your dog shows any signs of being sick, act quickly and aggressively.Sorry for the long post but I really do want this info out there and I pray we soon see the end of this.The vaccines I had went straight for testing. I only had two left. I use the vet for vaccines as a rule and do not deal a lot with very young pups. I am the “abused dog” rescue. I had taken the pups as a favor from someone who was desperate and out of room. She gave me the vaccines. She refuses to acknowledge that the vaccines may be to blame but I am still looking in that direction. The two I had WERE contaminated.
A: Homeopathy is probably not going to work as long as you are using a regular medication, because the two work against each other – homeopathy stimulates the body to fight the symptoms, while regular medication suppresses the symptoms.However, once he has reached the point that he no longer requires the Rimadyl, then you can use homeopathic medications to strengthen his system.I will send you the online remedy finder I use.Did anyone check to see if the vaccines may have been contaminated? I find it strange that symptoms began shortly after vaccination.Have you tried consulting a holistic vet? They may have some tools in their toolbox that a regular vet does not.
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