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Could bad stomach pains be caused by gas

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Most likely, you have the stomach flu. It seems to be going around right now. You will probably have diarrhea soon. Get some rest. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/could-bad-stomach-pains-be-caused-by-gas ]
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Could bad stomach pains be caused by gas
Most likely, you have the stomach flu. It seems to be going around right now. You will probably have diarrhea soon. Get some rest.
What causes bad stomach pain with gas?
You probably need more healthy bacteria; try probiotics.
How do you treat diarreah/stomach cramps/chills/nausea/body pain/…?
food poisoning drink as much water as you can take tylenol nighttime. take a pill about every 3-4 hours sleep through the whole day pretty much

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What could be the cause of stomach pains after eating and missed periods?
Q: Since about January my periods have been irregular whereas always before that were consistent. In March I had my period twice, then 6 weeks later in May and not since then. During this time, I increased amount of exercise – running about 3 miles per day and light weight lifting. In addition, I am also a student so stress may be a factor. However, I have had severe gas, bloating, and constipation. It has gotten progressively worse overtime. Generally, when I eat something my stomach hurts. Some things do not bother it as much, such as popcorn but foods like Mexican and drinking beverages like beer make me really uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. The pain is slightly sharp and severe enough to interfere with my life. I’ve been to a gastrologist who is giving me meds, to learn what I have or what will make me better trial by error. I don’t want to wait months after trying different meds. Has anyone had similar symptons?
A: Part of this could be related to a digestive problem called Celiac. Celiac Disease is caused by the body not being able to tolerate gluten which can be found in some Mexican food and beer. A good site that has more information is: http://www.celiac.comAs for the doctor issue I would recommend consulting another gastroenterologist for a second opinion. Preferably from someone that does not share the same office of the doctor you are currently seeing.
How can I fix my IBS stomach problem?
Q: Please can someone give me some advice that will rid me of IBS or at least greatly reduce my symptoms? I have had IBS for three years. The IBS that I suffer from is with me constantly. Unlike some other people that suffer with IBS, I really don’t get a break from it, it’s with me 24/7. I seriously think that I have the worst case of IBS in the world. These are my symptoms, constipation, occasionally the runs, really bad stomach pains, being bloated all day, feeling like I need to fart all day, very loud rumbling from my stomach and a smell of waste leaking from my anus and feeling every movement in my stomach, 24/7.Just so you know, after I’ve been to the toilet I clean myself thoroughly, so the smell of waste is not because I haven’t cleaned myself properly, but because the waste rests at the bottom of my stomach, close to my anus and gets stuck.But the worst thing about the IBS is the constant LOUD movements of gas inside of me. The wind inside me also gets trapped and I have to squeeze my stomach very hard and move into awkward positions which can last for hours to rid myself of the wind, but this doesn’t always work. I can’t stand the constant movement of wind inside of my stomach and I can feel every little movement inside of me and although I spend a lot of the day with the wind/gas trapped inside of me, I also spend a lot of the day farting and I must fart more times in one day than most people do in 4 weeks and yet I still have HUGE amounts of wind/gas trapped inside of me. I really didn’t think it was possible for a person to have that much wind/gas inside of them.Two years ago I had a colonoscopy to determine the cause of my problems. My insides were clean and healthy, so the Doctor concluded that my problem was just a case of constipation brought on by a “lazy bowel.” Other Doctors have told me that my problem could be caused by my diet, it isn’t. I eat a healthy diet, full of fibre and drink plenty of water, I only eat junk food once or twice a week. They tell me that it is also stress that is causing my problem, it isn’t, I’m not stressed, except for my IBS which came before my stress and also caused my stress in the first place.I began looking for solutions to my problem on the internet. I discovered that in America a Doctor believes that most cases of IBS are actually caused by a bacteria infection when some of your own good bacteria makes it’s way into the wrong part of another area in your bowel that shouldn’t have any bacteria in it and that’s what causes the problem with most IBS sufferers.This Doctor has been prescribing people with an antibiotic called “Xifaxan/rifaximin.” Apparently, the results have been good and some people who have used “Xifaxan/rifaximin” have claimed that their IBS has completely disappeared while others have claimed their symptoms were greatly reduced. Xifaxan/rifaximin isn’t sold in England, where I live, so does anyone know of a way I might be able to get some and has anyone else used it and if they have did it work?Alternatively does anyone know of anything else I could buy that kills bad bacteria in the intestines? Or give some advice as to how I can rid myself of this? Because of my IBS, I haven’t been able to get a good or uninterrupted night’s sleep in 3 years. It keeps me awake through most of the night. What you have just read doesn’t do justice to how bad this problem really is for me, please help!
A: Rifaximin (Xifaxan) is a structural analog of Rifampin. It is sold in Europe under the names Spiraxin and Zaxine.It’s an antidiarrhoeal agent prescribed for IBS-D to treat travelers’ diarrhea caused by noninvasive strains of Escherichia coli. It helps to some IBS sufferers (8% or so)It’s not enough to eat a healthy diet, you need to figure out what exactly causes the problem, examine you food sensitivities and rebuild your gut microflora, which may take months.Some IBS sufferers are sensitive to gluten or just wheat, others to lactose, fructose, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, beef, lamb, pork, and soybeans. Be careful with fiber too – taking too much can do you harm.
could you guys help me figure out what’s wrong with me please!!!?
Q: iquit drinking down to 2x a month cuz my hangovers were bad to where i started throwing up that night and it continued for 2 more days,2nd when i eat certain things before bed like fatty, gassy food,i get gassy threw out he night then by 5am i’m on the toliet w/diharrea then i start getting bad stomach pains and rotten eggs burps i went to the er 2 weeks ago it was so bad they gave me dilattan or demerol 3x plusnausea meds (zofran) and tagament but the pain meds only took the stabbing pain away but my stomach still was hurting and burning. they sent me home and said my blood and stool samples were normal. i had x-rays done on my stomach and they said i had a lot of gas in my stomach(which makes my stomach hard and large,like i’m pg. they said to follow up with my doc but i don’t have insurance.today is my 3rd day feeling like this(i had to go to thebathroom 4x and trew up while typing,i’ve been taking gas-x make me throwup why does my stomach not process gas and cause pain&diherra help
A: You need to see a gastroenterologist, it could be many things including GERD, IBS or an inflamed gall bladder
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