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Did the show, Jonas get canceled

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No but the Jonas Brothers cancel Mexican shows due to swine flu..Jonas Brothers have cancelled two upcoming shows in Mexico. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-the-show%2C-jonas-get-canceled ]
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Did the show, Jonas get canceled
No but the Jonas Brothers cancel Mexican shows due to swine flu..Jonas Brothers have cancelled two upcoming shows in Mexico.

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disney channel auditions?
Q: Hey so I am a 14 year old girl trying to get on disney channel, but I have no idea how to get started. I have had headshots and modeled for local agencies but how do I audtion for disney channel? I REALLY want to be on the new show JONAS. I cancelled out the option talent hunter because it is fake, but I have heard things on the radio like “do you want your star to be like zac efron? and info about this one place to audition to be on disney channel” i have the number for the thing I heard on the radio, should I just try that? Would it really get me anywhere?
A: Wow, for a kid you sound like you understand at least a little about your chances of making it big. It is very hard and isn’t all that likely. Sorry, I know it’s a downer, but it’s something you have to hear. BUT, if you think that you have what it takes, take the chance. Find out about the place that you heard on the radio, but be wary too. A lot of places just want to get money and may not care about getting you on the Disney Channel. You might get in some ads and you might make a little money, but you might also just have to pay the agency a lot of money and not have anything to show for it.Like I said, it sounds like you’re in the right sort of mind set. Be aware that there are people out there that just want to take your money and leave you out in the cold, but there are also people out there that can help you find your talent and show it to the world. Good Luck.
For Girls and Jonas lovers only!?
Q: Just a little question for Jonas fans.For example, you were in a game show and won a date with Joe Jonas (Hip Hip Hurray) but after you’ve put on your designer dress and painted yourself up with tons of make-up, Joe calls and says he can’t make it.You’re crying and about to go crazy when Nick shows up and asks you out!You agree and walk with him into the limo, feeling starry eyed when BAM! You find out that you’re triple dating with Selena Gomez and David Henrie (I couldn’t think of any other guy) and Miley Cyrus with her Model Boyfriend and guess what, they’re both making googly eyes at Nick and he SEEMS to enjoy it.Then you get a call and it’s from Joe and he syas he’s right outside your gate. He’d canceled whatever he had to do to go out with you. What do you do????
A: I would say I’m sorry Nick and Joe, but if you two are going to fight over me, then I won’t date either of you. 🙂
J.O.N.A.S Show?
Q: I thought the Jonas Brothers was going to have a show called J.O.N.A.S coming out in Jnauray but it never did. Did it get cancelled before it ever started? Did they move to a different month to premiere it? If you know the date please tell me!
A: Yeah are going to have the show but the writers went on strike for a few months so they are behind but don’t worry it’ll come up soon! I hope! I’m really excited! Jonas love♥
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