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Do doctors give antibiotics for the flu

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Your doctor can prescribe Tamiflu for the flu. It must be taken within 12 to 48 hours from the first appearance of flu symptoms. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-doctors-give-antibiotics-for-the-flu ]
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Do doctors give antibiotics for the flu
Your doctor can prescribe Tamiflu for the flu. It must be taken within 12 to 48 hours from the first appearance of flu symptoms.
My doctor refused to give me antibiotics for the flu. Is this rig…?
Influenza is a viral infection. And antibiotics do not help fight viral infections. There is a chance of a secondary bacterial infection like a middle ear infection or sinus infection, which usually occurs after you’ve been fighting the flu…
Why are doctors prescribing antibiotics for the flu and for viral…?
It’s a very good question, and a difficult question to answer about why physicians give antibiotics when shouldn’t, when they know it’s a virus. There are two answers. One is, sometimes it looks like a virus, it smells like a virus, but the…

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Why do doctors keep prescribing antibiotics for the flu when antibiotics are powerless against viruses?
Q: Antibiotics are anti-bacterial, not anti-viral and doctors know that full well so why do they keep giving people antibiotics for no reason when they know that they will do more harm than good? Haven’t they pledged to do “no harm”?
A: The bacteria “theory” doesn’t hold up. It’s because the patient usually asks for the anti-biotics and the doctors are oh so very happy to oblige and help out their pals in the pharmaceutical companies.The doctors who are over prescribing anti-biotics, are responsible, in large part, for the growing problem of “ineffective anti-biotics syndrome” due to over use.
Why wont my 6 year old daughter’s doctor give her a test for the Flu?
Q: Yesterday, she started having a 103 fever, has had a mild cough, and stuffy….. she was dehydrated so we gave her fluids. Took her to her doctor, he did a blood test and said her white blood cell count was elevated, which indicates infection, X ray shows no pneumonia.he has done another blood test to grow a culture to see if the infection is bacterial.He said that it could be a bacterial infection somewhere or just the flu. Gave her Antibiotic IV the first night, fever was reduced, and her white blood count had lowered. He asked her in today, and told my wife that he didn’t want to give her the Antibiotics again, because he wouldn’t “know what it was fighting” We found it odd that he wouldn’t continue something that showed improvement. Also, wouldn’t the culture show what type of bacteria it is if there is one. It was done before the antibiotics were given.Blood culture takes 3 days to grow, in the meantime we asked him if he could do a Flu A and Flu B test…. and he has refused to do it. We don’t understand why he is against the flu test so we could at least rule that out, before the culture comes in.Any thoughts on this? And please only serious answers.
A: The doctor just realized that he shouldn’t had prescribed antibiotic treatment immediately especially through intravenous injection for a 6 years old patient unless it’s Pneumonia.he’s now going to wait for the culture result to know which antibiotics your kid is sensitive /Resistant incase there’s really any Organism identified in her blood.the Doctor decided not to do any Flu test simply because he knew it’s just an ordinary influenza.
18 year old still sick, doctors twice, Swine Flu, your input? thanks?
Q: My 18 year old son sick:April 16th Thursday, started getting fever, headache no sore throat or cough.April 19th Sunday, not getting better, went to doctors and didn’t really diagnose anything or give any medication since he didn’t have a sore throat, cough, only fever and headache. Gave a shot for a headache.April 23rd Thursday, still sick and NOW has a sore throat, bad cough and fever.April 25th Saturday went to the doctors and was diagnose with bronchitis, gave antibiotics, shot, cough syrup, nose spray.April 28th Tuesday, no fever, but still have a really bad cough and sore throat.Should I get him tested for Swine fl?He has been sick for about 13 days now.I called the doctors April 27th, Monday and they told me they are not testing for Swine Flu and not to worry. They said if he had the Swine Flu there’s nothing they can do.Any info you would be great. Thanks!Plus I tried calling Oakland County Health Department for info, but they were closed.My son’s cough sounds bad, like hacky, with a sore throat. I have never heard a cough like that.I am in Michigan
A: You -NEED- to get him tested.What state are you in?Please get him tested, and as a precaution, you need to make sure that you are constantly washing your hands and also wear a surgical mask/respirator to be safe and protect yourself.There ARE things you can do for swine flu, and you can recover from swine flu but only if things are done EARLY. Don’t wait or he could die, even health officials are saying that there will be deaths from this “could-be pandemic”, and make sure that no one else can see him until he is tested and given medication.(also you should file a report against those doctors)
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