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Does making out spread viruses

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Making out can spread viruses. It can spread the flu and herpes if someone has a cold sore. HIV isn’t spread through kissing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-making-out-spread-viruses ]
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Does making out spread viruses
Making out can spread viruses. It can spread the flu and herpes if someone has a cold sore. HIV isn’t spread through kissing.
How can you make sure not to spread viruses?
Wash your hands with warm water, soap, and lots of friction (rub your hands together while singing “Happy Birthday”, that’s how long it takes) and yes, that will help prevent most viruses. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and…
Is it true that COMPUTER VIRUS are made / spread by ANTI VIRUS SO…?
Otherwise how can their product will sale yes its true

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Do the anti-virus companies make the viruses?
Q: So I heard that the Anti-Virus companies, actually hire white coat hackers so make, and spread viruses. Supposedly they do this, to make a profit.You know, so people have to buy their product. Sounds pretty believable, but I’m still on the fence about it. Anyone out there know if its true or not?Supposedly They make virus and put them out randomly. If you already have their product you stay protected, if you don’t you get the virus and are forced to by their product/
A: No, I don’t buy that for a second. That’s conspiracy theory crap. All I use is Avast Home Edition (FREE), and I’ve never been infected. I am careful, and that is the best defense. There will always be someone out there writing malware and viruses for all operating systems, so it wouldn’t matter even if the AV companies did do it themselves. Also, as long as people surf the internet without a care in the world, the virus-writers will always target the weakest of them all.Look how most people get infected:Using Limewire (stealing).Downloading movies for free (stealing)Social-networking sites (kids)They target the greedy, and the less knowledgeable out of all of us.EDIT: You still believe this? AV companies put out new virus databases constantly, there is no virus out there that can’t be destroyed by more than one AV program, or more than one anti-malware program. If Avira heard about a virus that Avast had written, they would quickly throw it in their database, or everyone would use Avast. It would be an endless loop of uselessness.Now the rogues will tell you that they are the only ones that can remove certain things, but they are lying to you to get money from you. As said before, be careful and don’t be fooled by them.
Why do people still create/spread virus’s?
Q: I know the origin but why? Are they that low and lack life that they actually have to make an effort to ruin the days of other computer users? Do they get enjoyment out of making someone’s computer run slower? Are they that sick? It’s not like virus’s make virus’s like real virus’s! Right now some ass hole made a virus that disabled my right click and restored all my settings to factory default!
A: most viruses are to have a backdoor into your computer to get your information, credit card, passwords ETC, others are to give you ad pop ups up the ying yang to hope you”ll click on one… the ones made for ruining computers slowing them down corrupting them most of them were made with someone specific in mind and then spedd for the fun of it I guess. Sometimes i think anti-viruss companies make viruses just so we buy software to rid of them lol
Can humans make viruses ?
Q: I have seen in movies that viruses somehow go out of the labs and spread through out the world or a continent and wipes out the population. They are so deadly that the human infected loses control over his mind and it’s the virus that is kinda ruling your body!I was wondering if it is possible that we can actually make those viruses? If we already are making, will it ever happen that it gets out of the lab? What will you do if you survive [email protected] (myspace is on profile)You know the exact two movies that I watched!!!! How???!!! =O
A: Humans have now made a virus from scratch, as it happens. This first occurred in 2003, as far as I’m aware.
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