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Does the flu make you not hungry

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A lack of appetite and fatigue, or being not hungry and tired, are both common symptoms associated with having the flu. Sipping some warm broth can help get nutrients into you, settle your stomach, and make breathing easier. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-the-flu-make-you-not-hungry ]
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Does the flu make you not hungry
A lack of appetite and fatigue, or being not hungry and tired, are both common symptoms associated with having the flu. Sipping some warm broth can help get nutrients into you, settle your stomach, and make breathing easier.

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Can not eating or drinking during the stomach flu make you really nauseous?
Q: I’ve had this weird bug thing for a while, today’s the third day. I haven’t thrown up and had diarrhea only once. Each day, I’ve gotten nauseous. I felt well enough to eat the first night and did fine. The second day I was eating in the morning and noon but was extremely nauseous that night to this morning. I didn’t get any sleep. Sometime during that period my stomach started growling and felt very hungry. I still felt a bit nauseous so I didn’t eat anything. I haven’t had much to drink either and I know I need to.Today I was doing ok except my jaw closer to the joint felt terrible and I later began to feel nauseous. I didn’t have much to drink or eat. If I ate or drank will the nausea go away?Or do I still need to throw up to get the bug away? I feel like throwing up would make me feel better but when I’m sitting in the bathroom, nothing happens. The nausea keeps coming back and I don’t know why or what to do! I cannot bring myself to gag myself.
A: Your GI tract continues to make digestive fluids even when you don’t eat. Therefore, if you don’t put anything in your stomach you are going to continue to be more nauseated. I would try small amount of something like Gatorade or flat ginger-ale, maybe a Saltine cracker. Take only a couple of swallows but do it every 1/2 hr or so. Pepto Bismol works great but some people don’t like the taste. The bismuth in it is great for your nausea. If you can’t keep any liquid down, I would consider going to the doc. You may be dehydrated. Avoid juices as they are acidic and milk products as they will curdle.
starvation mode, hungry, the flu, or something else? :(?
Q: so, my life has been really stressful the past few weeks..my gdad just died, my aunt got diagnosed with cancer, and my momhas had the flu..because i have been so stressed (& busy) ive only been able tofit 1 or 2 meals in a day for the past week i would say.. so yesterday and today i have felt really sick to my stomach,but when i eat i feel a little better.. yet, about an hour after i eati feel sick again..do you think my body is in starvation mode from not eating a lot,or i’m just really really really hungry and it’s making me sick, orr..i’m starting to get the flu that my mom had? =/anything is appreciated. 🙂
A: First off, I’m sorry about your loss. It can be very depressing and stressful to lose someone close to you. You have nothing to worry about. If anything, your body is just too stressed out to function properly. Your body may or may not be in Starvation mode, depending on how much you do eat when you have the meals. However, your body can go for quiet a while in starvation mode without any serious side effects, but it is best to continue eating as your hurting your metabolism and it will be very easy to gain weight if you keep this up. I’m sure you can speak to a school counselor if you are having any emotional issues.
One year old with the stomach flu?
Q: My little boy threw up his entire breakfast (within 5 mins of eating) cheerios, banana, soy milk. Immeadiately he had a fever of 100. And since then, the fever has shot down (only been about an hour) and he is hungry…. What do I do, not feed him and make him miserable? Or feed him and he throws up again? What do you give a 1 year old when he has the stomach flu and he is hungry?
A: Give him some foods like crackers, you never want to “starve” anyone who is sick. They need the nutrition to help them feel better, help their immune system to have the energy that it needs. Even if he throws up again he probably won’t throw up everything that he eats.Also, give him pedialyte that will help re-hydrate him and give him the electrolytes that he needs. If you don’t have pedialyte try a sport drink, preferably one with low sugars.Hope he feels better soon! There’s a lot going around!
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