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How did Elvis die and what was his full name

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A:Elvis Aron Presley died on August 16, 1977, in Memphis, Tennessee, of a cardiac arrhythmia. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-did-elvis-die-and-what-was-his-full-name ]
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How did Elvis die and what was his full name
Elvis Aron Presley died on August 16, 1977, in Memphis, Tennessee, of a cardiac arrhythmia. ChaCha!

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Q: Okay i was on the internet yesterday and i heard some jokes about Michael Jacksons death.This made me sick, the poor man is already dead, how could you be so heartless?The jokes when he was alive was obviously rude also, but the man is dead, why cant people leave him alone and let him go?Even when Mike’s brother said, “Maybe they will finally leave you alone, Michael”apparently not.here are some of the jokes in which “cheers them up”:Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Disney films?A: Disney films can still touch kids.Michael Jackson had to cancel all of his up coming dates.They were named James(aged 9) and Thomas(aged 11)Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett?A: About three hours.Did you hear? The Jackson Five are offering a 20 percent discount on their reunion!Will his organs continue to be donated to children?Michael Jackson did manage to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way to the hospital… “Put me in the children’s ward.”Out of respect,McDonalds has released the McJackson burger,50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.Michael is the only person I know who was born a black man and died a white woman.I dont feel any emotion after MJ’s death… He never really touched me when I was younger…When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe.So God killed Michael Jackson.When Michael got to heaven, Elvis saw him and whispered in St. Peter’s ear. St. Peter then told MJ at the pearly gates, “Beat it. Just beat it.”Q: Why did Michael Jackson die on the same day as Farrah Fawcett?A: He didn’t want her to be the only white woman grabbing all the headlines.Apparently Michael Jackson died picking his nose. Doctors said they couldn’t blame it on the sunshine or the moonlight. They blamed it on the boogie.——————————————————————————-To all the Michael Jackson fans, when you’re laying in bed tonight, as a tribute to Michael, JUST BEAT IT.No embalming needed!Michael Jackson died of a heart attack? What did he do, walk into a room full of pre-schoolers?Well, at least he has practice burning.Q:What did Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson have in common?A: Ed always said “Here’s Johnny…” and Michael always said “Where’s Johnny…?”We really shouldn’t joke about MJ, think of all the people he touched, especially the children. heres the whole website:http://www.boncherry.com/blog/tag/michael-jackson-dying-jokes/THE reason why i posted some jokes is to show how cruel people can beJeez…i had no intention to offend ANYONEAnd i am NOT contributing to these horrific jokes!i am not contributing to these jokes by posting them!i am not making the losers who laugh at these okes to do so!i am not contributing to these jokes by posting them!i am not making these people who laugh at these jokes to do so!
A: i cant stand the evil in the world.
What do you think of my idea for a novel?
Q: Well its not a really suppose to be a very happy story but if I could have your opinion or suggestions on how to make it better please tell me, enjoy :)The story begins with the main character packing clothes away in his luggage. He seems happy until he receives a devastating phone call, now the reader is not to know what the phone call is about until the end of the book. From that point we go back about a few months to a year in time.The boy has just moved from California to Hawaii to play baseball in college and he got a full scholarship. While there he meets a beautiful native and its just the story of each one of them learning about the other and eventually fall in love, even if it means it is against her family’s wishes. But sadly its not a happy ending because the phone the main character received in the beginning of the story was from one of her brothers saying she had died from either and accident, she’s been sick for a while, or got killed.I haven’t really decided what the significance, purpose or symbolism of her death is suppose to be in the end but after she’s gone the family can learn to accept her boyfriend as if he really was part of the family because they knew that’s what their daughter/sister would have wanted from them. the book’s purpose is just to move the reader in tears maybe? Nicholas Sparks type of beauty.I was thinking of naming it “Blue Hawaii” like the song by: Elvis Presley. Please tell me what you think and if there’s anything I should change around 🙂
A: IT is good but how did she die??? And I really like the title because blue is the color for sadness.
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