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How do you get a irregular heart beat

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A:Arrhythmias may be caused by many different factors, including: Coronary artery disease, Electrolyte imbalances in your blood,etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-a-irregular-heart-beat ]
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How do you get a irregular heart beat
Arrhythmias may be caused by many different factors, including: Coronary artery disease , Electrolyte imbalances in your blood,etc.
Can an irregular heartbeat cause death?
An irregular heartbeat can be a cause of practically anything health related. Some people get an irregular heartbeat from stress or other non-medical reasons. If you are having an irregular heartbeat you should consult your doctor. If it is…
I have an irregular heartbeat and my doctor says it’s nothing to …?
It depends – what age are you? Did your doctor do an ecg (ekg)? Is the irregular heartbeat going at a fast rate or normal rate? An irregular heartbeat such as sinus arhythmia or a patient with occasional skipped beats would not necessari…

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Q: On March 20th of this year I had to go for a Thallium Stress Test. For those who do not know what this is, I will describe the process.This is a type of nuclear scanning test or myocardial perfusion imaging test. It shows how well blood flows to the heart muscle. It’s usually done along with an exercise stress test on a treadmill or bicycle.The thallium stress test is useful to determine: * Extent of a coronary artery blockage * Prognosis of patients who’ve suffered a heart attack * Effectiveness of cardiac procedures done to improve circulation in coronary arteries * Cause(s) of chest pain * Level of exercise that a patient can safely performWhen the patient reaches his or her maximum level of exercise, a small amount of a radioactive substance called thallium is injected into the bloodstream. Then the patient lies down on a special table under a camera (“gamma camera”) that can see the thallium and make pictures. The thallium mixes with the blood in the bloodstream and heart’s arteries and enters heart muscle cells. If a part of the heart muscle doesn’t receive a normal blood supply, less than a normal amount of thallium will be in those heart muscle cells.The first pictures are made shortly after the exercise test and show blood flow to the heart during exercise. The heart is “stressed” during the exercise test — thus the name “stress test.” The patient then lies quietly for 2-3 hours and another series of pictures is made. These show blood flow to the heart muscle during rest.I went onto the treadmill, and performed the test to what the written medical report described as ” performed to 110% of the required pace, for 8 minutes”.Now let me share a LIFE GIVING chain of events with you in regards to this test.The Radiologist who performed the physical test and the scan, said to me…… “Edward, you did say that you had had a heart attack, didn’t you??”. I replied…No Tom, I said that my mother and father had both had heart attacks….never me.He then said to me…..”When we have completed this scan I want to show you something”.The scan of the heart was completed and I removed myself from the machine, went over to the large screen where Tom the radiologist was sitting, where he proceeded to show me an artery in the heart which was 95% blocked. (I call it an artery, as I do not remember the exact terminology Tom used)NOW PLEASE NOTE…..I SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE TREADMILL TEST TO 110%, WITHOUT A N Y PAIN OR SIGNS OF HEART FAILURE OR HEART DISEASE>>> WITH A 95% BLOCKAGE!!!!!Two days after the test I went to see my renowned cardiologist, who said the following to me….”Wonderful news Edward….. you performed the stress test to 110%”.Without being rude to the cardiologist, I drew to his attention the comments Tom the Radiologist had made about the blockage he had shown me at the time of the Thallium Stress Test. “No mention of it on the report” said the cardiologist, but if that was the case, I want you into hospital in two days time for a cathaterization of your heart, and if I find anything I shall place a stint in the affected area.Two days passed and I went into hospital for the heart cath. SURE ENOUGH, within seconds of placing the dye into my heart, the cardiologist found the blockage, shown to me by Tom the radiologist. He placed a stint into my heart and resolved the problem. The “WIDOW MAKER” (as the heart defect is known) did not get me.What is the HUGE LESSON to be learned from this folks???.THE WRITTEN REPORT was INACCURATE and it shows that a 110% successful result on the treadmill with THALLIUM, does not conclusively show that there is a defect in the heart. Have you had a THALLIUM STRESS TEST?????Have you been told that you are fine and 110%?????I had been told this by five cardiologists over the last 15 years that there was nothing wrong with my heart after having had 6 stress tests.Thankfully, the Radiologist Tom found the blockage, otherwise I KNOW from the cardiologist, that I would be another serious, even fatal heart attack statistic.Do you want to make sure that your stress test was accurate???Its a life or death issue…your life or your death?????Email me if you want to see the pictures of how close you can come to death without knowing it.I had severe tiredness, but did not know why. NOW I DO!!!The near death experience came several hours after the procedure was completed…..something to be shared with those who really want to know about it…email me if you do.
A: Wow, thanks for sharing.I am being treated for several tick-borne illnesses, and I had to go through a stress test (nothing injected though) because of chest pain, shortness of breath and fatgue. i was told, too, that I am fine, although I’ve often wondered if the doctor was right. He just thought that my symptoms were part of these diseases.
why does panic attacks make your heart beat irregular?
Q: when i have a bad attack my heart skips beat and my pulse beat is very high . I’m on medication but i still get scared. I can’t even go out of the house. anybody out there going through this also, and how do you handle this
A: Adrenaline.Btw—–Luvox, Lexapro and Effexor are SUPERB for controlling Panic Attacks and/or Dissassocative(De-realization) symptoms.
How Do I Stop My Heart Arrhythmia?
Q: I have had occasional irregular heart beat for the past 5 years – the doctors cannot recommend any course of action – when I wear their heart monitors I have no episodes – I even checked out the type of heart monitor that you wear and record and transmit info over the phone but they claimed the recordings were not important enough to do anything about. For the past year, my symptoms have grown worse, but still just occasional. When I have an attack, they can be very debilitation – shortness of breath, dizziness, heart pounding and irregular beat. When these episodes come over me, I am non-functional for about 12 hours.Although I am not overweight, a friend at church suggested that I record what I eat, and beleive it or not, I do think that my attacks are related to food consumption. I have noticed that the amount of food will sometimes trigger an attack and more strange, when I miss breakfast and then lunch is late, due to a very busy day, even a small amount of food will trigger a mild attack.The heart doctors do not have any suggestions and I am hoping someone out there may have either experience with this condition or some good suggestions on what I can do to get my life back.Any help is appreciated.
A: I am not a doctor, but I’ve had what you have since the 1970’s. I’ve worn so many heart monitors I lost count. They are “anxiety attacks” (panic attacks). You need to understand they’re not harmful….when you can understand this your attacks will stop. Think positive, you do not die with these attacks…..so they’re not going to kill you. You can cure yourself by thinking positively when you have these episodes. Believe me, I also thought I was dying for about 4 or 5 years. I didn’t even want to be out by myself….I had to be around someone all the time. You need some form of sedative to calm your nerves while you work through this. You are NOT going to die when these attacks happen. They will not hurt you at all. Believe me and try to stop being so concerned about these attacks. I know, I’ve been to the hospital time and time again for this problem. Forget about them…if you cannot, remember….they do not kill you when they happen…..so why worry? Food seemed to trigger mine as well. Are you diabetic? Have you been tested? Are you Hypoglycemic? That was my basic problem? The heart doctor has already checked you out…..they don’t mind you coming back since they make $$$ when you do. You can stop this believe me. I even went to Duke University Hospital (500 miles away) and stayed 7 days to find out what it was. I have had all of the tests. Not to worry. You are OK. But you are right, these episode (which I call them) are/can be debilitating……but you’re OK. You may have atrial fibrillation also. Go about your life and forget about these…..don’t give in to them. Live your life to it’s fullest.
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