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How long do you throw up when you have the flu

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Gastroenteritis may last for 1 to 10 days, however, most episodes last from 1-3 days. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-you-throw-up-when-you-have-the-flu ]
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How long is the throw-up flu contagious for
With stomach viruses, you can be contagious from the moment you feel ill until anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks after you recover.
How long after you eat do you throw up or have diarrhea with the …?
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How long until you should be concerned with baby throwing up from flu?
Q: My 11 month old has had the stomach flu on and off for the last five days. He was sick for about three days, yesterday he dind’t throw up at all but had diarrhea. Today I thought he was better so gave him a bottle of formula which he threw up. Later I gave him some watered down pear juice and he threw that up too. I haven’t been feeding him solids at all. I know there isn’t anything Dr’s can do about a stomach flu, but what should I watch for as far as signs of dehydration or other indications that I should take him to the Dr? He is still happy and active when he isn’t throwing up. I’m sure its the flu because my daughter and I have both been sick also.
A: Make sure he is still going pee. That’s usually the best way to tell if he needs fluids. Also try to give him some saltine crackers, and pedialyte or water. You know he will throw it up, but better some fluids get into his system then none, and the crackers will help to reduce the stomach acid when he does throw up.
How much fluids do you drink after the flu??? how long??
Q: Ok, so I’m 29, and the day after christmas I started feeling ill. I threw up twice. I haven’t had the flu like this before and haven’t thrown up since I was 7 (after a surgery).I have heard the flu lasts from 7-14 days, but how many days are you supposed to be on liquids? After a few days (of not getting sick) what are the chances of it coming back?When I threw up twice, I hadn’t eaten anything, so it wasn’t food poisoning. That evening, I drank a little bit of liquid and it stayed down. The next day I drank one gatorade. And today I drank gatarade (almost 2 bottles) and a little soup. Everything stayed down. I still feel weak but I don’t have any stomache ache and I am just wondering if I am not drinking/eating enough or what. Since I have not had the flu before, I am not sure what to expect.Just wanted to add I have no respitory problem, no coughing, or any congestion. I also don’t have a fever.On the day I got sick and threw up (the first time), I went to the doctors a few hours later and didn’t have a fever.
A: Gastrointestinal viruses or “stomach flu” differs from influenza viruses or “the flu”. Stomach flu (it sounds like that is what you have) usually passes through your system within 72 hours. To recover your energy faster, try eating as much solid food as you can. Start with nourishing soups and toast and work up from there. Drink as much fluid as you can to replenish body fluids that were lost during vomiting. Gatorade is ok, but clear, pure water is the best. If you can manage it, take a half a multi-vitamin twice a day with a large glass of water to help replenish lost vitamins and minerals. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.
when do you think it would be safe to be around??
Q: someone that had the stomach flu?just wondering because my friend had the flu throwing up etc…yesterday morning and thought that night it stoped around yesterday afternoon…for the rest of the day she was fine and today she is finebut the reason why i would like to know if its safe to be around her is because she invited me and my son over today to have cake cause it was her daughters birthday a few days ago..i really dont like to go around sick people i try to do my best not to let me or my son get sick! but how long does it take for a flu to not be contagous??thanksyou can feel better but still have the virus in you duhhh LOLyeah i know about that,i just dont want to bring him somewhere that they just had the flu.. hes only 8 months so i would rather not have him crawling on a floor that has probally just been puked on the day before lol
A: Its highly doubtfull it was the flu since it didnt last but a few hours. she probably just ate something that didnt set right with her stomach. I wouldnt worry Its not contagious. You and your son will be fine!
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