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If I’m throwing up and have the hiccups, what could I have

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Hiccups are caused by trapped air in the lungs and are most likely not tied to the nausea. You probably just have a mild cold or flu and happen to have hiccups on top of it! Get rest and drink plenty of liquids. Feel better soon and ChaCha-on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-throwing-up-and-have-the-hiccups%2C-what-could-i-have ]
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Why is my baby very gassy, hiccups alot and is throwing up her fo…?
my son was doing that also. he hiccups a lot also and is very gassy. normal for most babies. what my husband and i did after trying about four different formulas is putting him on Enfamil Lipil it has an added rich starch in it so it stays …
Can you throw up while you have hiccups?
I think so. I remember one time I hiccuped and some puke came but I swallowed quickly. This happened when I was a kid though
What could make puppy throw up and acts like he has the hiccups??
My suggestion is that you call the vet. There are little to no medical experts here and without an examination, no one is qualified to offer medical advice.

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why is it when I eat spaghetti dishes I hiccup a lot and than wind up throwing up the meal later?
Q: A few years ago I went on a ten day hiccup span and believe me, it was probably the worse ten days of my life.I was working when the hiccups started and people at first thought it was funny until I came in the next day and still was hiccuping. I was told to go to the emergency room by my boss and another worker.I went and the doctors put me on fluid but as soon as I made it to the parking garage, the hiccups came back.Now when I say hiccups for ten straight days, I’m talking none stop.I had a seminar to go to in another state with my pastor and a few people from a program I was a challenge leader for.On the way there, we tried everything to stop the hiccups but nothing we tried worked.That night during the seminar, people kept staring at me because the hiccups were loud and starting to hurt inside. So I couldn’t keep my mouth shut without hurting.This was the first time that I wanted the guess speaker to just shut up and end.During the second half of the seminar. I was told to just stay at the hotel and try to get some rest. I couldn’t sleep so I just laid in bed feeling the pain grow.It was a little after two in the morning when one of the guys in my room asked me did I want to go to the emergency room. We found out where the hospital was and he took me to the hospital.The doctors put me back on fluid. The hiccups went away for about ten minutes. But they came back as soon as my ride came to pick me back up.When I came back to GA, I had to go back to the emergency room because I was now throwing up blood and acid.This time the hiccups would not stop at all. They tried giving me prescriptions but the medication did nothing.My boss referred me to her doctor. By this time I have missed over a week of work since I couldn’t work plus the seminar. The doctor had set up a appointment for me to see someone else. The next day I was schedule to have a surgery done because they were afraid if the hiccups didn’t go away, the acid inside would start to tear at my stomach.Now remind you, I have not had any sleep, since the start of this. By the end of the third day, my appetite was gone. So I have no food inside of me. I’m throwing up blood and acid.The day of the surgery I get into my car to go to the hospital, and the hiccups leaves. So I go to the doctors instead and tell him that the hiccups had stopped. That day I went home but I could not sleep, so the doctor gave me sleeping pills to put me to sleep.In sixteen days I lost twenty five pounds. People at work was shocked when I went back to work. Some asked me was I doing illegal drugs as a joke. The hiccups came back a week later, and you can bet I was scared as hell. I got in my car to go to the doctor but never made it to the office because it had stopped. Every month now I have the hiccups and it happens a high percentage of times when I’m eating spaghetti or rice dishes. Do anyone know why? One of my favorite dishes is lasagna. I don’t know if it’s the spaghetti or the sauce. But after awhile, the hiccups come back and I wind up throwing my food up. But this happens with rice dishes as well. So if anyone knows, please share with me, what it is. I do appreciate it any positive feed back.
A: It sounds like you may have developed a gluten allergy. It is not uncommon for people with Celiac disease to experience hiccups after eating foods that contain gluten (rice, bread, pasta, etc). You may want to try asking your doctor about celiac disease and get tested for it.I wish you luck, I hate getting the hiccups.
6 weeks pregnant, could I be?
Q: I don’t know why I’m putting this off so much, I guess I’m just scared to see a negative test. If I’m pregnant I’ll be 6 weeks tomorrow so seriously I have to get over this.I promised myself I will test tomorrow but I wanted to write out my stats and see what you women think:[1] I thought I had my period but it was 2 days early, I didn’t have the pre-period symptoms I usually do. Also it was basically all brown I only saw a tad of red. It lasted 4 days (usually the full week)[2] I’m not really having much breast pain, it might throb a tiny bit from time-to-time but nothing big and no physically changes yet[3] Feeling bloated[4] When I try to sleep at night the lower part of my legs get really restless and keep me awake all night[5] Ongoing headaches, bad ones[6] Pimples! I usually only get 1 or 2 when on my period, where did these things come from?[7] From 10am-ish till around 6pm-ish I feel rather nauseous. Like when you have stomach pains and it feels like you’re going to throw up but don’t. Even the thought of food makes me want to hurl.[8 ] I’m not peeing more frequently yet[9] A couple of nights have felt a stretching type feeling in my belly button area, as if something was pulling[10] A couple of days ago I could not stop passing gas, thank goodness they were silent because they were coming out every like 5 minutes for 2 days[11] I’m experiencing A LOT of hiccups today (I don’t know if this means anything, just throwing that out there)Any advice besides “TEST” will be great, I *am* testing tomorrow.
A: If you bled for four days… I’d say no. Even if you normally bleed for a week, but you know yourself better than I do. Changes in your diet, etc could change that.I’ve thought I was a million times, but wasn’t. Then when I finally was… I didn’t think I would be before I took the test. Some women claim to “just know” they’re pregnant… not me, I was surprised both times.I don’t think you’ll feel any stomach stretching or anything at 6 weeks pregnant. I got morning sickness really bad with both of my pregnancies, but it didn’t kick in until about week 7 or 8…. and then it lasted til about week 16.
unsure about ego death?
Q: I did shrooms for the first time last night. My boyfriend and I split an eighth together and just hung out in our apartment by ourselves (since it was my first time I wanted it to be just him and I).The onset felt good, I had good vibes, my boyfriend and I made each other laugh a ton, and then I began to get the melty, brightly colored, exaggerated, distorted visuals. At one point I remembered explaining how weird it is how we have these collective, influenced perceptions about ourselves, but over time and struggles and enlightening experiences we begin the journey into knowing one’s true, genuine self; more natural, more detached, more a part of and blending with all things (i.e. nature, animals, beings, the universe). I felt unable to put it into words for him at the time, and still sort of do.What I was trying to explain to him seems to sound somewhat similar to what people have described as “ego death” from what I’ve researched online. But I’m unsure. And me having that thought wasn’t me experiencing ego death, but I feel like that may have been the spark that could’ve lead to it later on in my trip.After a few hours I began to get a faint unsureness or confusion in my trip that grew stronger. I became indecisive and unsure at times about what I truly wanted or how I truly felt and then I began to become somewhat confused of what was reality and what wasn’t in my trip, which alarmed me and made me become fearful. I had memory of what reality was before my trip and what reality was sober, but I felt like it was taken away from me. And since I was convinced we would be stuck in our trip, I felt that that meant we would never die and therefore the trip would never end for my boyfriend and I and we’d be stuck in this total other reality with different internal feelings, sensations, ways of thought and just reality. I had a strong, mournful sort of nostalgia for my former memories of reality.Finally I decided to just lay in bed, my boyfriend close to me, lights off, no noises, and just focus on relaxing and almost meditate to try and resolve my bad trip or to stop it from even happening.Then all of a sudden I became nauseous (without any hiccups like some people get before throwing up on shrooms and without my mouth watering like I just normally get before I throw up), and I let myself get sick. I got scared I’d never stop throwing up and at one point I almost imagined blood on my hands after I touched my nose and I was convinced my nose ring was bleeding. I was very paranoid and scared.Once I threw up, I felt a little more calm, but still very unsure, so I decided to try and sleep or just meditate. I layed awake for hours thinking about everything and nothing. I kept becoming scared that my boyfriend wasn’t breathing next to me and I kept not letting him lay on his back for fear he’d throw up and choke and I’d be asleep and unable to help him if something happened. that’s why I made him go to sleep with me even though he didn’t want to; I figured if he was sleeping next to me then I know he’d be okay and nothing would happen, but if he was awake while I was asleep, then something might happen to him but I’d be asleep and unknowing of it and unable to help.At numerous points throughout my laying there though, I felt as though I could almost predict what my boyfriend would do or say and felt like I knew exactly what he was feeling or thinking at all times. It was a mostly reassuring feeling.After 2 hours of concentration, I began to feel as though life and the universe began to work with me and slowly pieces of it all began to flow and work together in harmony, creating a great sense of inner calm, content, reassurance, knowing and warmth within me. I felt unbelievably at peace. By this time the trip had mostly worn off it felt like, although my eyes were still rather largely dialated. I also felt a completely new sense of at oneness, closeness and connectedness to my boyfriend. I felt more in-tune with the world about me.My question is, does any part of this sound like it could possibly have been ego death to anyone? I know it may be unlikely on a first trip and only half an eighth of shrooms, but after reading up about ego death I’ve just become curious, as some of the elements sounded the same as what I experienced. Even now a day after my trip, I still feel that inner calm and reassurance and at peace. Not quite as incredibly strong, but I still feel it for sure.So was this ego death or loss? or possibly the beginning of a multiple trip ego death?
A: I know nothing about “ego death”, never heard of it, haven’t read up on it like you, but the two words together give me an impression. If I had to guess what it was, I’d say it is when a person can see themself as being essentially equal to an ant, a pebble, a planet or the entire universe. See that all things matter only in the mind. See that all value is relative, all things are fleeting and transitory. I believe that this kind of attitude can really free a person from their fears and enable them to set their priorities in a manner less clouded by emotion and more free from imposed values. Great leaders like Gandhi and MLK, I think, must have been able to do this with a great deal of success. How else could they offer themselves up in sacrifice for a cause that they believed was greater? I think you may have experienced it to a degree. If you feel it is so, it probably is. I don’t think that you need to do shrooms to achieve this, though I certainly don’t fault you (unlike some narrow-minded people) for eating them. I myself have never tried them, but I will if the opportunity ever lands in my lap. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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