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Is having an irregular heartbeat dangerous

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A:Cardiac arrhythmias, also commonly called arrhythmias, are irregularities of the heart beat. For the most part, the normal MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-having-an-irregular-heartbeat-dangerous ]
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Is having an irregular heartbeat dangerous
Cardiac arrhythmias, also commonly called arrhythmias, are irregularities of the heart beat. For the most part, the normal MORE?

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Is an irregular heartbeat dangerous?
Q: My teenage daughter is suffering from strep throat at the moment. Last night she said her heartbeat was irregular for a few beats and I wonder if this is something to worry about? She has been taking paracetemol and throat medicine.Thanks for answers – when I said irregular heartbeat I meant skipping beats though.
A: This is nothing to worry about unless it occurs very frequently. Your daughter is experiencing premature heart beats and it is unlikely that her heart is truly skipping beats. After a premature heart beat there is a delay in the following heart beat, which can be sensed as a skipped heart beat. Everyone has premature beats and they are not a sign of a serious medical condition unless they are greater than 6 times in a minute. Illness, anxiety, stress, and caffeine can all increase the frequency of premature beats.
Is having a regular-irregular heartbeat dangerous? It skips every 5th beat.?
A: Probably NOT Life threatening at this point… But nothing to be ignored….A lot of foods (chocolate, sweets, etc….) or just overeating can cause the ole engine to run rough…Stress, worry and fears can also be to blame…Go to a GOOD cardiologist, (heart doctor)…And get a good CHECK UP! ……….CALL TODAYYOU only DIE ONCE!…………After two open heart operations…. and due to the scar tissue… my heart skips about every 3rd beat or so…. usually caused by the reasons listed above….. GOOD LUCK!
Is it true that having being put to sleep for surgery is dangerous when you have an irregular heartbeat?
Q: My 24 year old son is scheduled to have surgery on his back for a herniated disc. He has mild dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged left ventricle) and a very irregular heart beat with hundreds of PVC’s daily. I have heard it is dangerous to be put to sleep when you have arrhythmia. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
A: hey i used to have dilated cardiomyopathy as well but my whole heart was enlarge not just a certain part, as i can recall i never used to have any problems with being put to sleep. anyway if doctors are concerned before surgery they will make sure that there is an appropriate team there just in case something happens.
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