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Is it bad if my heart is actually beating faster before I go to sleep

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A:There are a variety of causes of elevated heart rate before going to bed including stimulants, over-training, hypoxia, arrhythmia, and anxiety! If it continues, it would be best to see a doctor! Do you have any other questions for ChaCha? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-if-my-heart-is-actually-beating-faster-before-i-go-to-sleep ]
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Is it bad if my heart is actually beating faster before I go to s…?
There are a variety of causes of elevated heart rate before going to bed including stimulants, over-training, hypoxia, arrhythmia, and anxiety! If it continues, it would be best to see a doctor! Do you have any other questions for ChaCha?

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I’m wondering if I was experiencing heart fibrillation or something else cause I’ve had a strange feeling.?
Q: For the past few months, I’ve had irregular sleeping patterns. Sometimes due to anxiety and stress because of school, and sometimes I choose to stay awake because of fear of my health. I have right bundle branch block and when I was in P.E class when I was younger, everytime we had to run a lot, I would have skipped beats. Seven months ago, when I was about to drift off to sleep, I would sudden sit up out of bed, suddenly fully awake taking in a deep breath of air ( I didn’t feel like I was short of breath ) and I had tingle sensation in the palm of my hands and sometimes in my fingers. When this occurs I feel as though I skipped a beat in my heart. I would have this fear that if I fall asleep I’ll die in my sleep so I would stay awake all night when these things occur. One time my legs were a little numb and my left arm went numb and I felt dizzy ( seven months ago ), when I arrived home I checked my BP and it was high (around 149 over 94 or 96 or something).Two months ago I went to the ER after I felt my left face go numb, tingling in my hands, and my heart was racing. When I arrived to the ER my heart beated faster and the heart monitor they hooked me up on was constantly. The doctor talked to me about how its impossible for my heart to stop beating and slowly my heart slowed down, but still high, so the doctor had my blood drawn to be tested and gave me anxiety medication. He also prescribed anxiety medication. After checking my blood the nurse said I had low magnesium in me. So they gave me four yellow tablets and water.An hour and fifteen minutes ago I was sitting by the computer, and suddenly out of nowhere my heart started beating faster (palpatations) and I felt my heart beat in a strange way, like a couple of beats (5-6) quick and not rhythmically, while I was drawing in air through my mouth it was getting worse, after that I drew in quick small breaths of air and my heart returned to a normal rythm. This all happened in in about two seconds. This has never happened to me before, not like this. It scared me, and I felt this anticipation of something bad about to happen with me. I did feel relaxed and a little bit tired after this episode of whatever this was.Twice it happened where at night while I was laying down in bed I felt a strange feeling come over me and I checked my pulse and it was very low, once 48 and the second time 38. These things occured for just over a minute and went away. The third time I had this feeling I didn’t check my pulse but my BP my BP was high 149 over 94.I usually don’t have a normal eating pattern, sometimes I ofrget to eat and eat only 1 or 2 meals a day usually 2 though. I almost never eat any fruits and bearly eat vegetables, only vitamin tables. I sit infront of the computer 10 hours a day and sometimes more because I’m going to an online high school and I’m sometimes lazy.I don’t exercise much, I’m 18 years old,150 pounds and 5’8. I don’t take any blood pressure medication. Even though I was prescribed BP med 7 months ago. I don’t have high BP for over 4 months. Last time I checked it was 133 over 74 P83 resting.I’m planning on going to the gym soon and being more active.My question is, was this fibrillation? Or what was it? It didn’t feel like fluttering, but actually heart beats but weirdly. It welt kind of like big air bubbles moving around in my heart, I don’t know how else to explain it lol. Right now, every now and then, just bearly noticeable, I feel this sorneness in my left side of my chest level with my heart. And once in a while right now, when I drawn in a deep breath there’s this feeling in my heart just for a split second of the feeling I had when I had this episode. Also, I just took an anxiety medication which is good for anxiety attacks and seizures. Also, I’v had my heart x-rayed and they say the results are normal.
A: There are many different types of tachycardias (abnormal heart rhythems, of which ventricular-fibrillation and a-fib are two) and the only way to diagnose it is to use a heart monitor. If these are happening every day you can ask your doctor for a 24 or 48 holtor monitor. If they are less frequent, there are 30 day monitors that are small, like pagers.A chest x-ray isn’t going to pick up a lot. An echocardiogram (an ultrasound, basically) is much better at picking up abnormalities in the heart, like mitral valve prolapse. Also, if you were prescribed a BP medicine you really should be taking it. 133 is still higher than normal (normal is 120/70 or 120/80) and since your BP changes throughout the day, 133 could have been your lowest reading for the day. So, until your doctor tells you that you can stop taking your BP medicine, you should take it. If you can’t afford the medicine then let your doctor know because there are programs to help with the cost.
How to know if a girl “really” actually likes you?
Q: (THIS MAY SEEM LONG BUT PLEASE HELP)It’s the beginning of the school year, and i notice this funny girl in my class. My first thought was she seems to be a nice friend to have. But then later after school when we had some time to kill. so we talked about school, homework. after the silent pause, she ask for a hug. it was a VERY long hug. it was about i don’t know, 10-15 seconds. then she asked about 2 or more after. She said she liked hugging me because i was “warm and cuddly” i was so surprised i was speechless, so i just smiled. (I’ve never been hugged or been told that before) After that we started talking normally like before and eventually had to go home.Ever since that day, i wouldn’t stop thinking about her, the way she held me and they way she said it. I couldn’t sleep that night or the night after. (this just happened this Thursday which was about 2 days ago)I’m not sure if my mind is just playing tricks on me, like it does sometimes. A few times before, i thought i like someone but then later in about a few weeks or months, they don’t seem so interesting anymore. it was so awkward because i told her i liked her.(luckily she didn’t like me back, or else i would feel so bad if it hurt her feelings, to just say i wasn’t in love with her anymore)That’s why this time, i don’t want to make a mistake. She hugs other peoples guys,girls friends ect. I wasn’t sure if she was the kind where she hugs everyone and flirts with everyone. (doesn’t seem like it)But we didn’t know each other that much until that day we hanged out together.***I also found out that her brother was in my class too. so i didn’t want to make it awkward that i liked my friend’s sister since they are Both in my class. ***i just can’t stop thinking about her! When i think about her, my heart beats faster, and i feel warm and happy inside. i’m not interested in her because shes “sexy or hot” but just being in her presence was so..”warm” i can’t really explain.i’ve been through some harsh relationships, and the problem with this one is that, next year i’m going to high school. so i wouldn’t want to be attracted so much because what if i won’t see her again? THAT WOULD REALLY MAKE ME DEPRESSED. So if maybe she did like me, or if we were meant for each other… we only have about a year to enjoy it.I know i may not be talking right, but i just can’t think right. (sorry) so can anyone tell me “how to know if a girl “really” likes you?” and i mean literally like me, as in wants to be with me and not just like me for my appearance.
A: You found out you like her, and now you are trying to look for signs that she likes you back. You are having a hard time finding these signs, even though you are specifically looking. This most likely means that she doesn’t like you that way.If she likes you that way, she will have more obvious signs indicating that. I would just remember the type of feelings you have now, warm and happy, and try to find them again in high school.good luck
How do you know if you are being mistreated by your man?
Q: I guess I’ve never had good luck with guys. I was always the ugly dumpling who never attracted much attention from the opposite sex, and when I finally did start dating, I thought things were great. Well, I must have just been excited to have someone interested in me, because looking back, I let those guys mistreat me in ways that today I would never stand for. For example… in college a guy starting calling me in the middle of the night, and I would go to his room and make out, etc. When I asked him if he liked me, he replied “No, I like your roommate. You just make me horny. Lets go fool around.” And me, being excited that I actually turned a guy on, carried on for a few more months. Second example… the first time an ex and I slept together, he was dressed up as Luke Skywalker (the day AFTER Halloween), didn’t bother to even take his shoes off, and was watching Scrubs the entire time. Again, it didn’t sink in until later that I should have demanded at least some eye contact. So fast forward a few years, and I meet someone who makes my head spin and my heart beat faster than ever before. A guy who offered to drive me home from the library when it was late, took me out for coffee, and when he invited me over to his house to watch a movie – we actually watched the movie. He didn’t so much as try to hold my hand. It was months before we actually kissed – rather, we talked for hours and got to know each other. Things were great for a long time… but we lived a few hours apart after he left school. Then some bad stuff started happening… I was raped over summer vacation after my sophomore year, and I had major trust/anger issues towards any guy. My boyfriend at the time tried his best to be supportive, but I suppose it was too much for him, because a few months later, I found out that he had gone out with some (lesbian) friends of his, who got naked at their house, and he had recorded videos of them in his phone, cheering them on. With the issues that I had, I was devastated and tried to break up with him, who convinced me to let him have another chance. That was about 10 months into our relationship. On my birthday, two months later, my grandfather passed away, and rather than come over to where I lived, I had to literally yell at my boyfriend to get him to come be with me…even though he had the day off. I didn’t even get a birthday present. 10 days later was our one year anniversary… I didn’t get a present. After that, things started to improve when I took a quarter off during my junior year and moved closer to him. We were able to spend more time together, and I could get rape counseling which helped a great deal. About three months after our anniversary, while on vacation in Las Vegas, he proposed, and I accepted. After that, I went back to school and my fiance moved in with me. It took him a few months to find a job (very small town with very high population of students), but he found one that he loves and has been working there steadily for the last six months. Since we moved in together, we have had our ups and downs. The biggest down has been about sex… he often says that he is tired, and would prefer to receive rather than give. One time a few months after moving in together, instead of “give” he spit on me. I actually moved out at that point, but when he drank himself to the point of an ambulance coming to our house, I went back that night. Since then, he has completely turned around, and in the last five months, he has done nothing but be wonderful. He compliments me every day, is giving in the bedroom, spoils me with love and attention… yet when ever I talk to anyone about him, they all say that he doesn’t deserve me, and that I could do so much better. I admit, when he was acting up and being hurtful, I can see where they’re coming from. But even now, months and months later, I find myself having to stick up for my fiance to my best friend, my mom, my old roommate… I feel like if I’ve forgiven him, why can’t they? My old roommate pointed out to me a few days ago when we were talking about past boyfriends that I never know when I’ve been mistreated until much, much later. Is that what I’m doing now? Take into consideration that you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. He has never once hit me or abused me… but been inconsiderate, and sometimes stupid. He does more than enough to make up for those few rough months, and he is literally the guy that has treated me the best. He listens to me… he actually cares about what I have to say! He is wary of my feelings, and tries to be considerate, even protective of them. He makes an effort to make me feel special, loved, and beautiful. I’ll admit he hasn’t always been perfect, but he’s a different person now. If I’ve been able to move past the crap – why can’t everyone around me?What I mean by the title question is in these last few months, when things are going well… am I still being mistreated and not know it? People around me say that I am… that my fiance seems selfish and sarcastic, and like he doesn’t put me first. I heard these remarks just a few days ago. I just wanted some opinions on the matter. Thanks!!PS: When I’m writing on yahoo answers, I could give a rats hiney about grammar. I spent four years writing college level papers and proposals… give me a break! 🙂
A: Maybe because they know what he has done to you in the past and they don’t think you deserve it. Sometimes when you are in love you are blinded by his impurities (be it the way he treats you), so you don’t really notice how he is and the people around you do see it. You should try to pay more attention to your surroundings and take notice of the way he acts with you. Now, if he really has changed and you have moved on then it shouldn’t really matter what others think. As time passes by, they will see how much he has changed and might change their opinion of him.
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