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Is it easy to get the stomach flu

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If you visit public areas such as daycare centers, grocery stores, schools, nursing homes or restaurants it will inevitably expose you to the stomach flu and be easy for you to contract. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-easy-to-get-the-stomach-flu ]
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Is it easy to get the stomach flu
If you visit public areas such as daycare centers, grocery stores, schools, nursing homes or restaurants it will inevitably expose you to the stomach flu and be easy for you to contract.
The stomach flu…….. what can i eat that is easy on my stomach…?
rattagous70 homemade chicken soup, call your mother right now and tell ehr to make it for you, or you can just drink apple juice and eat the canned crappy soup Nikki You should try something dry and not so acidic. Sorry, but the old staple …

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Is this a stomach flu or ulcer?? easy 10 points but please help?
Q: Im 13, I dont smoke or drink. Im athletic and now.. I get a stomach ache in the morning lasting from when I wake up (6:00-6:30am) but it ends at about 8:30am. The problem is that I dont get to eat breakfast but even if I do, it feels the same. Though, when I wake up I don’t even want to eat breakfast. This sucks cause it messes me up in basketball practise really bad because for me I have practise from 7:00-8:00am. One time it felt really bad and I puked after the intense practise. This has been going on for about a week, I don’t know what to do. Any treatments or what? Im pretty sure its just a stomach flu.. So is it a stomach flu, ulcer or just that im hungry? Please help, easy 10 points!PS. is it normal to have a stomach ache if you eat sugary candy?oh yeah.. i forgot to mension lol..i have a sore throat, headache, ear infection, stuffy nose, runny nose and cough and this point so is it a stomach flu?????
A: Stomachache Home Remedies 22-Jul-06 at 04:03 AM:NAME: ChrisCOUNTRY_OF_REMEDY: AustraliaINGREDIENTS: probiotic capsulesINSTRUCTIONS: I had daily stomach pains over 18 months, was unable to tolerate many foods including fried or fatty foods. Sometimes I was doubled over in pain.My doctor was suggesting an ulcer. Another doctor finally suggested trying a probiotic. My problems disappeared like magic!21-Jul-06 at 03:40 PM:NAME: Kraig MinchCOUNTRY_OF_REMEDY: USAINGREDIENTS: coca cola syrupcrushed iceINSTRUCTIONS: Just cruch some ice and pour coca-cola syrup (i get it from our local pharmacist over the counter and is very cheap)over the ice and sip and eat ice slowly.Has worked great for me many times and also worked great for my two infants.10-Apr-06 at 03:44 PM:NAME: Alyssa MillsEMAIL: [email protected]_OF_REMEDY: USAINGREDIENTS: any type of fruit or vegetable that you likeINSTRUCTIONS: Just eat some fruits or vegetables. This especially helps if you had a heave dessert or something rich. Once after eating rich food at a party, I had some carrots and kiwi. I ran directly after that and I felt fine.Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2005Time: 10:16 AM ESTNoel Parsonsemail address: [email protected] of Remedy: U.S.A.Ingredients: 2 heaping tsps. ground cinnamon in 8 cups of water or2 Cinnamon capsules as often as neededInstructions: Boil cinnamon in water and strain or run water through automatic coffee maker, placing cinnamon in basket. This makes a tea, sweetened, iced or hot that can be sipped to actually CURE a stomach virus. If you begin throwing up, keep on sipping the cinnamon “tea” until vomiting stops.Cinnamon capsules can be purchased at some health food stores now and are not only excellent for curing stomach viruses, but are extremely good at stopping viral infections, including colds and flu. IndigestionAdd 4 tablespoons of Baking Soda to a Coffee Cup size glass filled with warm water. Drink the mixture as fast as you can. The taste is horrible – kind of fishy but it definitely works! give it about 5-10 minutes. My great grandmother would put a tablespoon of pumpkin spices into a 8oz glass of water. Give it a couple of stirs with the spoon and drink. It works very well for upset stomach also throwing up.Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2004Time: 4:22 AM ESTBethCountry of Remedy: canadaIngredients: Black Toasted Bread and HoneyInstructions: A friend of mine stayed at a Palace in India for two weeks and was given this by an Indian prince. I tried it and it works well. All you do is take bread and toast it until black. I think the theory behind this is that it’s like a charcoal. Spread the honey on the toast (to be honest I sometimes omit this but it DOES make the toast taste better and probablyhas lots of antioxidants and stuff in it). Eat. Sounds bad but it can really help. I get sick a lot and this is on my list of top remedies right after Pepto Bismol.Date: Friday, October 15, 2004Time: 2:22 AM ESTName: warrenCountry of Remedy: USAName of Remedy: stomachacheIngredients: charcoal from a wood fire orcharcoal tablets(can get at health store)Instructions: Take the charcoal from the fire and mash it up in a small cup(preferably plastic so it don’t shatter when mashing up the charcoal)add just enough water to cover the smashed charcoal and drink it. I have seen the military do this before so i know that it will work. It will be pretty hard to get it down because it tastes really bad but you will feel alot better if you get it down guaranteed.Or if you have charcoal tablets just take however many the package says. I promise this will work. ——————————————————————————–Ingredients: Milk Unless your stomache ache is caused by drinking too much milk, try this. you simply fill a paper cup just halfway and drink only that. The milk will help calm your stomache over time and you’ll feel better soon. but remeber: ONLY VERY LITTLE. Too much will make it worse. This is for home remedies -ErinDate: Tuesday, March 2, 2004Time: 12:25 AM ESTRiz SchoobertIngredients: one sour green appleInstructions: if you feel sick to your stomach. just eat a sour green apple. its always worked for me (good to take to amusment parks)Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2004Time: 1:25 AM ESThilda manriquez// chlieemail address: [email protected] of Remedy: chileIngredients: lemons, baking soda, (bicarbonate of soda) sugar.Instructions: squeese 1 or 2 freash lemons in to a glass,and add approx half a tea spoon of baking soda,a little suger can be added to sweeten,drink fast while still foaming,down to the last drop,this realy works it has very fast results,Date: Saturday, February 7, 2004Time: 2:59 PM ESTmikeCountry of Remedy: chilefor an upset tummy, squess 2 fresh lemons into a glass and add a little sugar to taste then add half teaspoon of bakeing soda, brink it all while it is foaming, this is wonderfull cure try it.Ingredients: squess two freash lemons.suger to taste and a half to one quarter teaspoon of bakeing soda (powder)drink while foaming great for slight diarria and upset tummyDate: Tuesday, February 10, 2004Time: 11:23 PM ESTEmail address: William SparrowCountry of Remedy: CanadaIngredients: 1 LemonLots of saltGlass jar bigger than lemonInstructions: Put salt in the jar so it completely covers the bottom. Wash the lemon and dry it so there is absolutely NO WATER left on th skin. Put the lemon in the jar ontop of the salt. Fill the jar with salt, make sure the lemon is covered all around. Put on the lid and wait three months. Remove the lemon from the jar and slice it in half. Put one half back in jar and put on lid. Put half in a mug and pour on boiling water.Let it sit for f minutes. Remvove and throw out peice of lemon. Drink the lemon water and you will feel good in your stomach.Date: Thursday, October 16, 2003Time: 11:44 PM ESTsophiaCountry of Remedy: tanzaniaIngredients: Bay Leaves and waterInstructions: Get some bay leaves, depending on where you live you can find them on trees, or at health food stores (fresh) or…you can find them in regular grocery stores in the spices section. Get some water in a tea pot or in any container where you can boil the water. Put the leaves in the water and put the pot on the stove, let it boil and you will see the water changing color, let it boil for 5 minutes or so and then drink the water. You can make it as strong or as light as you wish.I can personally guarentee that it works. I am a person who needs 3 800mg ibuprofen pills when i have cramps and this works much better and much faster! I hope it works for you! Date: Monday, July 28, 2003Time: 2:34 AM ESTEmail address: John Colagrande Jr.Country of Remedy: ItalyIngredients: garlicInstructions: It’s easy–old Italian remedy–you put a raw clove of garlic in your belly button.Date: Friday, April 25, 2003Time: 3:48 PM ESTC. BuchananU.S.A.Instructions: All you have to do is lay on the floor with your head on a smaller sized pillow, put your knees up and just lay there for about 10-15 minutes without moving too much. You hav to make sure that you are laying flat on the ground.Your stomach ache should go away. This has worked many times for me and my friends. I have very bad cyst on my ovaries and with them comes bad cramping. I take medication to rid my cramping, but I’m always left with a stomachache. I use a glass of warm coke. I warm it in the microwave until it fizzes. I drink a glass and take a nap. When I wake up, my stomach feels much better. This has worked for me for two years. Katie Callaghan Michigan, USADate: Thursday, December 26, 2002Time: 9:28 PM ESTEmail address: BrianSubject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: USAIngredients: ginger rootwaterInstructions: Boil water and pour into cup with 2-3 thin slices of the ginger root. Let steep for five minutes. Drink. Optional: add some brown sugar for flavor——————————————————————————–.Edith GarfiasCountry of Remedy: MexicoIngredients: water,mint,bakig soda,lemon and sugar.Instructions: Get pan of water very boil and mixmint bakig soda,lemon a little sugarand drik hot.——————————————————————————–Maria SoriaCountry of Remedy: Mexico Ingredients: TEA MINTInstructions: GET PAN OF WATER VERY BOIL THIS FIVE MINUTES I DRINK 2 TIMES FOR ONE DAY.——————————————————————————–Jae Young AnSouth KoreaInstructions: At first, boil some water and put the octopus into the boiling water. Then drink the water. You may drink a glass of this water each day at night.If you drink 2~3 glasses each day, you’ll have no problem. ——————————————————————————–IVONNE MOYAMEXICOIngredients: 1 SPOON OREGANOWATERInstructions: IN A PAN MIX WATER + OREGANOBOIL THIS SOLUTION AND LET IT COOLSWEETEN WITH SUGAR.——————————————————————————–drink cocacola it really works! but for some reason, only the name brand stuff works the best for me. Kristen Steffensen-HaleIwa, HI USA ——————————————————————————–For stomach aches you can drink flat (defizzed) pop to make you upset stomach feel better. By Anonymous ——————————————————————————–Take activated charcoal capsules. They sop up whatever is making stomach hurt. Capsules can be bought at pharmacy or health food store. Learned from my sister. Betty G. , USA——————————————————————————–Drink ginger ale or male a ginger tea wth 1/4 t. ginger and a little sugar in hot water. Origin unknown. Betty G., USA——————————————————————————–Marie Theresa USA ingredients = A cup of cold strong coffee, or cold coke cola.instructions = Exercise to wake up the intestines. Standing, with legs slightly spread apart, and arms stretched over your head, SLOWLY stretch to the left and then right repeating several times to each side. Spread legs further apart and lean to the left as you bend the left leg and then lean to the right as you bend the right leg. (your aiming sideways, and back and forth)You should feel this in the inside of your thighs. Next, sit on a padded or carpeted floor and draw legs up to your chest and hold them with your hands on your knees, elbows out. SLOWLY lower yourself onto your back feeling each segment of your spinal column as you go. Raise back up the same way–SLOWLY. Massage any particularly tender spots with your fingers. Do them several times. Massage your back-waist, sides and tummy. Stand up and do the stretches again. Act as thou you were going to sit down, but just before you would sit down, straighten back up again. Do several of these and press your fanny outward and feel the stretch. This exercise series helps to wake up the intestine and colon to help eliminate YOUR PROBLEM!
Stomach Flu Concerns II.. .PLEASE ANSWER 10 EASY POINTS!?
Q: hey folks,so i had the stomach flu last night and it was really rough.. but i’m on the road to recovery… yet my mom who was nearby me when i heaved into the toilet is complaining about her stomach being “funny” today…. what can i take from this? Is it possible for me to get sick again, does she have the same thing that i had? etc..thank you for taking the time to answer.God Bless You all!
A: it is not possible for you to get sick again because you already had it…however.. im sure she has what you had if she was near the toilet when you threw up. vomit droplits could have reached her, which would’ve made her infected.
What foods are good for a hurting stomach?
Q: My roommate and I are workaholics in college and have little time for anything. Even though we both have similar work loads, we have different eating and sleeping patterns. I’m pretty healthy, but my roommate has been getting sick a lot. Currently, her stomach has been hurting and she has no energy. My guess is that it’s the flu. The question here is what foods (not drinks) could she eat that are easy enough on her stomach, but can give her enough energy to get through her busy daily schedule?
A: Foods that contain milk are good for the stomach, no spices or fried foods. Try and stay away from vinegars and cheese and tomatoes and brussel sprouts. If its the flu, she could try good old fashioned chicken soup.
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