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Is the flu contagious the whole time you have it

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People infected with the flu are contagious from a day before they feel sick until their symptoms have resolved; usually 1 (more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-the-flu-contagious-the-whole-time-you-have-it ]
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Is the flu contagious the whole time you have it
People infected with the flu are contagious from a day before they feel sick until their symptoms have resolved; usually 1 (more)

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My mother may have the swine flu (little long sorry)?
Q: Now I am the first one to admit that I think the media is hyping this swine flu thing up way too much. It is not presenting itself to be anymore serious than the common flu, but the common flu is still dangerous in babies, so I am a bit concerned. My mom got back from Mexico last Thursday and was fine, but last night came down with body aches, a fever, and a sore throat. She is going to the doctor this afternoon, but it takes awhile to diagnose even if she does have it. The last time my son saw her was Friday, and from what I have read, a person is not contagious until about a day before they start showing symptoms, so I am not overly concerned that he contracted it from her. Plus he does not seem ill. My concern at the moment is that my brother is currently sleeping on our couch because he is out of work and has no money and nowhere to live. He saw my mom on Monday, and since her symptoms started Tuesday, it seems like he could have potentially caught it. Now on to my question. In my situation, would you tell your brother that he needs to find somewhere else to stay until this whole swine flu thing gets sorted out? I certainly don’t want my 6 month old getting sick, and it scares me that it can be passed on before symptoms start. I feel really stuck here and am afraid that I’m just panicking and being overly paranoid. Opinions? What would you do? Thanks!!
A: This is a hard one BUT I’d want to protect my child above anything else…..Can your bro find someplace else to crash for awhile? Like maybe he could go to mom’s house? Or if he’s afraid to go live at mom’s because she is sick and he might catch it, maybe he could go to a friends house? The thing is, probably nobody will let him crash at their house for the same reason you’re worried about it.But I’d still put my kid first.Is there a basement or an upstairs; away from everybody else in the house he could go? And just have him stay there and not use anything on the main floor until he finds out if he caught it? This sounds pretty crazy though.Whatever you decide, good luck to you and I hope your family is okay and healthy.
discrimination against mexican people because in the flu.., what do you think?
Q: It´s already a daily matter discrimination, racism, fear, jokes, and repulsion against mexicans in the whole world because of this illness, all the worl see us like we have the fault when no one knows where the flu had it´s origins, I think it´s very unfair that any mexican around the world treat us like we had the lepra or ebola, and having a normal flu is motive of fear and discrimination, I´m a mexican girl and I´m completely sane and so my people, health authorities are giving all the help possible so the fatalities are not a big number and it´s stoping the number of sick people, but we ´re concious of the seriousness of this matter and we take precautions, but prejuice is present by people around the world, who treats us really bad, it´s sad they don´t care that we already have al global crisis, lack of employments, and now we deal with comercial walls imposed by other countries, an omportant lack of tourism, and all that is going to paralize and devastate our economy for a long time, because the image that the whloe world have of mexicans is the epidemy of the century, altought we have rised of any trouble, I think it´s not fair, we always receive foreign people of any countru with a smile and we treat them like kings, then why they´re all atacking us like that?!, we never check if you have any contagious illness. I just think we deserve a better treatment.so what do you think of this? mexicans and foreigners?I say mexicans and foreigners because ovbiously I´m a mexican girl.Please add your nationality, I´d apreciate, people around the world, I´d like to know where are you from and what you think of this matter
A: I think it’s really sad what Mexico is going through right now because to me, the illness is NOBODY’S fault. People get sick. It happens. People still travel to Africa despite the fact that AIDS is so prevalent due to the disgusting way so many young women are forced into the sex trade. They still travel to L.A. despite all the violence.I felt bad for Mexico when those disgusting drug runners and the mob murders hit the media. But, you have to understand that, for many people, it’s not that they hate Mexicans. They just fear getting sick. The economy stinks worldwide, and nobody has the right to bash one country, but the hopelessness and fear the economic crisis has brought to us has made a lot of people bitter and looking for someone to blame. Sadly, right now, you’re easy targets…just like the Chinese have been dealing with ever since news spread about lead paint laced toys, toxic pet food, and toxic milk, to name a few. People want a scapegoat, and right now, Mexico seems to be it. It’s sad, and it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how things work in this stupid world.
can you catch the stomach flu?
Q: Stupid question, I know.But here’s the story:My brother got the stomach flu yesterday, he said he was throwing up and the whole bit.Today he asked if he could come visit us, but my dad said no because we can’t get sick (I just had my tonsils and adenoids taken out, so I’m sure that me puking all the time wouldn’t be good at all. Plus my parents have some serious health problems and it wouldn’t be good for them to get sick)Anyway, my brother said that my dad doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that he knows three nurses who says my dad doesn’t. That we won’t get sick from him.Is this true? I find it kind of impossible, since I always tend to get sick when I’m around others who have had the flu. I mean…I always thought it was contagious.
A: Stomach bugs are DEFINITELY contagious. They are known for being some of the most contagious bugs out there. Just a few of the virus particles can make you sick. Definitely have him stay away for many days. The longer the better!
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