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What about just talking

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A person can spread the flu starting 1 day before they feel sick. Adults can continue to pass the flu virus to others for MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-just-talking ]
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Can you email me a video of you, just talking, only ‘more’ if you…?
I can not e-mail you a video of myself. Do you have anymore questions? ChaCha!
How can just talking make problems disappear?
When you’re talking to someone who has professional training and has helped many others with problems similar to yours, that person is able to see the patterns in your life that have led to your unhappiness. In therapy, the job is to help y…
Why did he just stop talking to me?
This exact scenario just happened to a friend of mine, I mean exact scenario. The question that I have and you have to ask yourself is, how could he possibly of loved you and walked away like that? He must not of truly loved you. Perha…

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do the british like americans? (and let’s not just talk about Bush) What do the British REALLY think??
A: Obviously we cannot comment on an entire nation however, all of the Americans whom I have met have without fail been very warm, generous, welcoming people who seem genuinely interested in others. The problem seems to be the country as a whole and it’s relationship with the rest of the world. The nation gives a very unpleasant impression, over-valuing itself in an arrogant and small minded way. It seems that the people who are chosen to represent America on a world stage are very poor choices, who can often make the rest of the country seem stupid, interfering and self-important.
what to talk about with a guy you just met?
Q: so i am talking to this guy on myyearbook.com.i don’t know what to talk about!i asked him about himself, he said he was homeschooled, looking for a job, single.we talked about our future jobs, he loves animals.ugh. i don’t know what to talk about. the last thing i ended up saying was how has your day been… :-/what should the next subject be!?i hate small talk… haha.
A: Well get to know him if you like him. See if you can bring up the topic of relationships, if not the conversation must end. Conversations can’t last forever.
What is so bad about rape?
Q: I am just talking about the act here, what is so traumatic that a woman just cannot get over it? I have a theory that women only have self worth in using sex as a tool, and after a man takes that tool from her, she finally realize just how worthless she is.
A: Isn’t it your bed time?
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