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What are good things to do when you have the flu

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Drink plenty of liquids, rest, try chicken soup, and use an over-the-counter pain reliever to help the symptoms of the flu. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-good-things-to-do-when-you-have-the-flu ]
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What are good things to do when you have the flu
Drink plenty of liquids, rest, try chicken soup, and use an over-the-counter pain reliever to help the symptoms of the flu.
What’s the best thing for the flu?
More important than the best things you can have are the best things you can do…for yourself. Bed rest, fluids, eat light with soft foods. These are basics. All else you do is to treat the symptoms. Tylenol or your preferred med for pain….
Can you catch swine flu by ordering things from abroad??
That would be highly unlikely. Unless it’s shipped and reaches you in less than 24 hours, the flu virus would die (20 minutes for soft surfaces).

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What are some good things to do when you have the flu?
Q: I Can’t sleep because i am an insomniac plus i have adhd so i have trouble laying down. I was gonna take another shower because i figured it would be good to wash away the germs. I really have to hold myself down from leaving the house because i don’t wanna get anyone else sick but i hate being cooped up by myself. I rarely ever get sick. This is the first time in 2 years.I heard sweating is good how can i make myself sweat without excess exercise. I love exercise but i feel like crap now. Sorry my brain is failing me right now. 🙂 Let me know if you can’t understand this question I’m dizzy and have blurred vision so it’s very possible. I’m gonna sit though
A: what u do is eat a bunch of food. go outside get some air. get some food. dont worry if someone else gets sick from u dont worry i dont want to say it but we’ll all die someday. whether u like it or not. drink loads of hot and steaming campbell soups.. loads of it.. as long as u have the budget.. take boiling hot showers… dont go bareback.. always wear some clothes. and if its hots outside. it is good to sweat so wear a jacket eventhough its super hot.. it’ll help u trust me… once u feel tired go home and crash out.. get some exercise.. dont let the flu stop u… i aint a doctor but i am a medical assitant… and trust me if u have better stamina u’ll bypass that flu in a matter of a few days.. unlike those ppl thats stubborn which might take a 1 1/2 weeks or more.
What are good things to eat when you feel you are coming down with something..?
Q: I have no idea what my deal is…the past 3 days I have been groggy, miserable, and nauseaous a tad..it comes and goes. I have a heavy head and now I am starting to feel that “sick” feeling in my sinus area…but nothing so far. My temp went from 98.1 to 99.5…although that is not a fever. I haven’t been sick for almost 2 years…I have no idea..if this was a flu, it would have just hit me already..it’s like these last three days I have been lingering and sapped of energy…but nothing has gave. What foods are good to eat? I’m not craving anything..so what I do is.wait so long to eat..that I get REALLY hungry and have something notsohealthy. I mean I had a slice of pizza that was LOADED with veggies..that, in my book, is junk food..since I have been eating whole foods without perservatives for the last 2 months.HELP..I start nursing school soon and I just feel like I can’t get enough sleep..I am so tired and feeling like crap.
A: As a future nurse you know that the way you have described your eating pattern is not healthy! SO: Start out your morning with a couple scrambled eggs, a slice of toast, and a glass of orange juice. (Scramble the eggs with 1 tablespoon WATER for each egg to get them really fluffy.) The OJ is loaded with vitamin C, the egg is good protein.Whether you are hungry or not, fix yourself a bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch. If your stomach isn’t queasy add a bowl of salad with non-fat dressing.For dinner start off with another salad, and something light and well balanced. Avoid pastas, greasy, sweet stuff.Take a good multi-vitamin and drink your eight glasses of water during the day.Get yourself into a routine and eat about the same time every day.If you don’t get sick, and don’t get better on this program within three days, you should check in with your doctor to get some blood work done. Could be your just borderline anemic, or your sinus are going to blow soon. Maybe allergies. Make sure your drink the water to keep your kidneys flushed and keep you from getting constipated too…
Is this guy interested in me? Details inside…?
Q: Ok… I started talking to this guy a week ago from a dating website… It was clear that we were both highly attracted to one another so we exchanged numbers that same day and have had MANY long conversations… All last week he was home sick so it was REALLY easy for us to communicate while he was home, and I was at work but I have a really laid back job… Anyway, the first day we talked… We literally talked from 5pm-1:30am… We both had SOOO much to talk about… He had MANy questions for me about my likes/dislikes, goals, etc… So the next day we texted eachother back and fourth while I was at work and “jokingly” he told me to go to his house after work and I played along with it and said ok… Long story short, it didn’t end up happening, instead we chose to go on webcam and meet eachother that way… So we did… And OMG… I was SOOO attracted to him and the feelings were def. mutual because the whole time he kept telling me how beautiful I was.. Anyway, that night we spoke on the phone prob. about 4 hours… So now the day AFTER that, he texted me first earlier that day telling me how many emails he got from work and blah blah blah blah… Meanwhile he wasn’t feeling any better(flu)… So later that night he called me and we were on the phone about 30 minutes… He said he would call me back because at the time he was in the book store looking for 2 books he wanted to read, then had to go to the pharmacy… Soo I said ok… Well he never called me back that night… Which I guess is understandable since he was supposedly feeling worse then ever that day… So the day after that… I call him really early in the am and he didn’t pick me up… He didn’t call me back until later that night… But later that night we literally spoke on the phone from 9-3am… LOL… Again we decided to go on webcam again and we just talked and talked about prior experiences, and again asking eachother LOOOTS of questions…So I asked him when we were going to meet? Anyway, I knew we couldn’t do it the following weekend because he already told me he was having a get together at his house and a lot of his friends from out of town were attending, and then the weekend after that he already had plans with his “friends”, which is fine because that weekend I am going to be out of town.. But that leaves another 3 weeks from now… And when I said that seems like forever, he said, Why are we in a rush? Then he said, good things come to those who wait…And that was the last time I spoke to him… That last time we spoke it was Friday night going into Saturday morning… he hasn’t called, and neither have I… But now its Monday and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t bothering me… I’m trying to take into account that he had off all last week because he was sick and maybe he’s just been busy trying to catch up on work or whatever… But IDK what to do???? I know they say guys are simple but I really like him and I honestly feel like he does too… But I’m big on actions, and if you like someone, would you just not call them for 2 days in a row? I mean I have dated and met a lot of guys online and I have NEVER had a connection with someone like this… I REALLY need advice… SOrry for the essay lolol!!
A: tht ws long………ok i am a guy and probably of the same age so i say dont worry……..let the guy take time to analysis you. if he say you are beautiful that means he is attracted to u….but he needs to be certain about what he wants from a ‘partner’……all i can say dont rush ………good things will come your way just wait for the right time
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