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What are some reasons for heart races

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A:A heart arrhythmias (or disrhythmia) can cause abnormal heart rate and can be caused by chemical imbalances in the blood, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-reasons-for-heart-races ]
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What are some reasons for heart races
A heart arrhythmias (or disrhythmia) can cause abnormal heart rate and can be caused by chemical imbalances in the blood, MORE?

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for some reason i am paranoid my mind wonders and my heart races what is this?my doctor said anxiety/panic?
Q: i freak out in small places,or in a place with a lot of people ,or even in the middle of the night my heart just starts racing i scare myself i was told by people stop being paranoid i freak out over small things i exercise/eat healthy/pray etc…i need to learn how to contrrol my mind even whtn its cloudy or raining outside i am constantly tired and then my mind starts taking over my body…HELP!!!
A: I have panic attacks too. Try Yoga.I know it sounds insane.. but the methods of deep breathing and relaxation are a huge help. But a few things to remember:-Breath-Find one good thing in every situation (even if it’s.. “my idiot boss who has been annoying me all day and is driving me CRAZY.. has on a pretty shirt”) Anything good, as you teach yourself to look for the good things, you’ll start to panic less, because you will see more good things happening. – If you are in a situation you seriously can’t handle. and you have the ability to get out of it… get out of it, calm yourself down, and try again later.Good luck, and all the best
What’s going on when your heart does this?
Q: My grand daughter has iron deficientcy(spelling) anemia. Her blood counts are on the low side of low with her ferrintin (Spelling) level at 5. She’s almost 20. Last night she was quietly laying in bed watching t.v. and she said her heart started racing and pounding and she felt like she was going to pass out. She said this went on for about 30 minutes. She said she got really scared and felt like she was going to go into a panic attack.Her boyfriend came home at the tailend of it and she did not want to go to the ER because it slowed down. What could have been going on with her heart? Or could it have been a panic attack for some reason? Or her heart from low blood levels?
A: Hello. There are many things that increase the heart rate, including anxiety, panic attacks, pain, fever, dehydration, anemia and thyroid disease. Your granddaughter may of had a panic attack. It is possible that the fast heart rate is related to the anemia, but I think it is unlikely because if the fast heart rate was related to anemia it would be high all the time and not just for 30 minutes. Iron deficiency anemia is very common in young girls, because of blood loss with menses. Ferritin in the storage form of iron and a level of 5 is low which is consistent with the history of iron deficiency anemia. The treatment is with Iron supplementation. The usual formulation is Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg one to three times daily depending on the severity of the anemia. If the iron deficiency does not improve with oral medications, then rarely intravenous iron formulations can be given. Your granddaughter should see her doctor about this episode. It is most likely not secondary to a serious condition, but only an appropriate evaluation by a doctor can determine this. The doctor may want to check blood tests, such as her blood counts or thyroid function. The doctor may also want to check an EKG and place a heart monitor for 24 hours to tell exactly what your granddaughter’s heart is doing. Good luck to you and your doctor.
Some things I can ‘try’ to deal with a racing heartbeat that lasts quite awhile?
Q: A little background. I am 47, male. Otherwise, healthy.This is NOT an anxiety or panic attack I am referring to. I have had those before, but were always accompanied, with the racing heart, with nausea, weakness, feelings of unreality, etc. Now all I am experiencing, mostly out of the blue and with no patterns I can figure out, a heart rate of approximately 125-175 beats per minute. One thing I can say is they almost never occur during the day. They occur at night, usually before I am ready to go to bed, or sometimes they wake me up out of a sound sleep. It is of course very distressing. I try to take deep breaths and relax, but nothing seems to work. I am on various medication, but doctor and I have ruled out any connection to this. I have just begun wearing an event monitor. When I have the episodes of heart racing I am to record it. Then they may be able to figure out what is precipitating these times when my heart starts to race like this. And what really bothers me, is sometimes it goes on for a half hour or longer! This is a strain on the heart, obviously. Something is not right. I am thinking it is a release of adrenaline, but what I can’t figure out is what is causing the adrenaline release, if that’s what it is, only guessing. I look at foods I am eating. No patterns. I am keeping a careful log of my activities to see if something might leave a clue. So far I have come up empty. So I will wear this thing for the next 30 days and hopefully after they analyze it they will figure it out. What I would like to know is some things I might try to get my heart to slow down. My doctor said I could try coughing once real hard. For some reason, this acts on a nerve related to the heart and can slow it down some. I have tried it, and it does seem to slow it a little. But most of the time I have to just ride it out and it is very distressing. If anyone has had this sort of problem and was able to deal with it, please share with me what things you did. Or if you have a medical background, maybe you can give me some ideas for me to get some relief when these attacks hit. Hey I’m only 47! I don’t want to have a heart attack! Thanks.
A: reduce the intake food and reduce salt completely and take a lemon juice every day or an orange juice regularly
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