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What are the symptoms of the body flu

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Typical flu symptoms include fever, body aches, tiredness, cough, and sometimes a sore throat and runny nose. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-of-the-body-flu ]
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What are the symptoms of the body flu
Typical flu symptoms include fever, body aches, tiredness, cough, and sometimes a sore throat and runny nose.
How Do Paracetamol Painkillers Affect a Body to Relieve Flu Sympt…?
the fever and pains associated with the flu (in flu enza) in both H1N1 or the seasonal flu
How to Get Rid of Flu Symptoms in the Body
s resulting from the flu each year. The Symptoms are bothersome and can leave a feeling of general malaise and discomfort. Symptoms include nasal congestion, headache, body aches and chills, sor…

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I have a LOW body temperature, and flu-like symptoms – What does that mean?
Q: I can’t sleep – I’m having “broken record” nightmares like I do when I have a fever. I’m also freezing cold, shaking, teeth chattering and I can’t warm up. I feel nauseous and achy all over. The crazy thing is that my temperature is 96.4 – 97.2. I keep takin my temp again, because I’m so sure I have a fever, yet I don’t. What is low body temperature indicative of?
A: The low temperature, body aches, and nausea is a sign of the flu. Try taking something like a tylenol for the aching, and some anti nausea meds for the nausea, and if it doesn’t clear up by tomorrow, I would go to a doctor.
What are the effects (not the symptoms) of the flu on a persons body/ cells?
Q: I’m doing a project on viruses in Biology that requires me to know the following:1) The cause of the disease. (Found)2) How it is spread. (Found)3) Symptoms. (Found)4) What the pathogen (in this case, a virus) specifically does to our body or cells. (Not found)Please help if you know the answer to number 4. Thank you so much, ahead of time.
A: Great question, and great distinction beween effects and symptoms!First, you have to understand the larger context of what is going on, which is an evolutionary arms race between the flu virus and its host. In both species, the evolutionary strategy is to survive and reproduce. In the case of the virus, its strategy is to infect the host and make it sneeze and cough, which thus spreads the virus to other potential hosts. The host’s strategy is somewhat similar: to expel the virus by sneezing and coughing (or to kill the virus by other means).It is really critical to understand this evolutionary process, and to make the distinction that you mentioned between effects and symptoms.The EFFECTS are the actions of the virus, in making the host sneeze and cough.The SYMPTOMS are the actions of the host aimed at killing or expelling the virus. These symptoms include fever (which kills off bacteria and viruses), reducing the level of iron in the blood to produce anemia (thus starving bacteria and viruses), and sneezing and coughing (to get rid of the bacteria and viruses).When patients and doctors don’t understand the differences between the effects and the symptoms, they too often treat the symptoms. In other words, they give drugs to reduce the fever, they give iron to fight the anemia, and they give drugs to stop the sneezing and coughing. In each case, they are thwarting the body’s natural attempts to fight the disease.By the way, for many medical questions, you can get a variety of perspectives by using the new health search engines at http://getathirdopinion.com/There are three search engines: (1) the first one searches US government web sites, and gives conservative medical advice, usually involving drugs (which as I said above is often the worst thing you can do). (2) the second one searches mainstream medical blogs like the Mayo Clinic and WebMD, and gives a balanced selection of results which tend to give both side of health issues and (3) the third one searches alternative web sites, which usually means natural/drug-free approaches. This third approach is often the best, because it lets the body do its job without chemical interference. Millions of years of evolution have produced very sophisticated biological defenses which are often superior to the chemicals from the drug factories.
Why does my body break down similar to Flu and Cold symptoms when I work too hard?
Q: Hi!!For some reason, whenever I work hard in my job… my whole body starts feeling weak and I start getting the symptoms of flu/cold?My bones ache, I feel cold, have a runny nose, get fever, etc…and I’m 23 years old.It could be allergies, but usually allergies go away in a day or in the night for me… but this, stays longer and it is like if my body were breaking down.What could it be? is my immune system too weak? please help me. Thanks!
A: if you’re over tired, your immune system depresses allowing infections to take over.
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