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What are vomiting and shortness of breath symptoms of

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Both are symptoms of a heart attack, the flu, food allergies, panic disorder, Hiatal hernia, and Diabetic ketoacidosis. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-vomiting-and-shortness-of-breath-symptoms-of ]
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What are vomiting and shortness of breath symptoms of
Both are symptoms of a heart attack, the flu, food allergies, panic disorder, Hiatal hernia, and Diabetic ketoacidosis. ChaCha!

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I have been sick since april 19 with all swine flu symptoms.?
Q: His answers was that I have a really bad flu bug. But not the swine flu I have body aches, headaches, vomiting. nauseau, shortness of breath, and still really sick. What do you think?
A: You simply have the flu. It makes you feel like that. Do what your doctor tells you.Whatever flu virus you have, your body now has its own anti-bodies against it. So you will never get realy sick from it again. But you could pick up whatever flu virus is on the go next year if you have never been exposed to it.Beulah
whats wrong with my 12 year old daughter? complaining shortness of breath for a few weeks now.?
Q: suddenly she is vomiting, abdomianl pain, loss apetite,weak, fatigued, skin is pale, feels full, upper chest hurts,she just told me she’s having difficulty urinating,face is swollen and she dosen’t look well,running low grade fever off and on, the shortness of breath was first symprom and the rest have come on suddenly within past week or so. I am going to to take her to er asap. I think it is something serious because she is totally out of character. I son’t want them to just give me an antibotic and send me home(like they seem to always Do) I would like to have some kind of insight to what could be wrong before I go. Can anyone help me please!! I am freaked out because everytime I type in symptoms it says T cell leukemia. could it be? in the passed 2 days her skin is looking really yellow and face is swollen. Her abdomianl pain is on the side between her ribs and hips(both sides). Is that where her kidney’s are? she just ran down stairs and couldn’t catch breath, gasping for air.
A: asthma, brontchis, pneumonia theres so much it could be familydoctor.org would help you the most, i hope she gets better soon
Here are my symptoms. Do I need immediate medical attention?
Q: For about two weeks, I have been experiencing these symptoms:1. Nausea (have vomited once)2. Inability to Focus3. Inability to concentrate and focus4. Racing heart beat5. Shortness of breath6. My head is very scattered and I can’t focus my eyes on anything, almost the feeling of being drunk7. Weakness & fatigueI can’t go to the doctor until December 15th after my finals. Any ideas of what I may have and should I go to the doctor immediatly or can I afford to wait?Dizziness and unsteadiness and the feeling like I’m spinning occurs often as wellSometimes I experience shakiness as wellI don’t drink caffeine or energy drinks (I’m sensitive). I am a college student and I’m not taking anything except vitamins.
A: I get all those symptoms during panic attacks except for not being able to concentrate. I would go ahead and go or at least call your doctor and tell them your symptoms and ask them what they think. They will tell you the severity of it. You might just be stressing because of finals.
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