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What But I already got a flu shot

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Flu shots don’t guarantee that you won’t get the flu. How long ago did you get the shot? Some side effects are soreness and fever. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-but-i-already-got-a-flu-shot ]
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What But I already got a flu shot
Flu shots don’t guarantee that you won’t get the flu. How long ago did you get the shot? Some side effects are soreness and fever.
Can I still get a Swine Flu Vaccine shot if I already got my Flu …?
Yes, the H1N1 shot may be given anytime before or after the seasonal flu shot. The only thing that is not recommended is two Flumists within 4 weeks of each other. But one shot and one Flumist is ok.
Can I get the swine flu shot after I have already gotten the flum…?
No. You’d be getting a double dose of vacine and that could make you sick. The Flumist is just as good.

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what would happen if i get a flu shot while i already have the flu?
Q: i am sniffling and have a bad headache but am scheduled to get a flu shot today. i probably don’t actually have the flu currently, but my brother had it last week, so it is possible.
A: If your brother had influenza and you are now developing symptoms of a viral illness you most likely do have the flu and you will not benefit from the vaccine. It takes up to 3 weeks for the vaccine to provide immunity. If you have a doctors appointment to get vaccinated, I suggest you call your doctors office and ask them. You might be a good candidate for Tamaflu, they may still want you to come in for a rapid influenza test..Contrary to another answer you CAN NOT get the flu from a vaccine.
people who got the flu already this year..what are the symptoms? flu shot? does it make u sick? does it work?
Q: i may have already had the flu but im not sure. i had a high fever of 104, sore glands and sore throat, headache, body aches, but no stomach ache. usually the flu is accompanied by throwing up. im hoping that the strain that i had will be the main strain for this season, because then im done with it, but i dont know. if you have already had the flu this season, what are the symptoms? and have any of you recieved the flu shot? did it give you the flu?
A: Everyone should get a flu shot unless they are allergic to something in the shot, not just people in high risk groups. They are not 100% effective, but will reduce the severity and duration of symptoms if you do get the flu. I have been getting the flu shot every year since I was little, and have not had the flu in 25 years. The only problems I have ever had after getting the flu shot are a sore arm for a few days and symptoms of a cold for about 5 days after I get the shot. (It still amazes me that anyone would consider NOT getting the flu shot unless they are allergic to something in the shot or there are other unusual medical circumstances.)
Seasonal Flu Shot question?
Q: My children just got over Influenza A. It lasted a good 10 days.They had not been vaccinated this year for either (seasonal or h1n1) yet.The Peds said they had h1n1, because it was too soon to call it seasonal.They said not to get the h1n1 shot now, but to still get the seasonal one.I usually get the seasonal every year, but have been nervous lately with what I have read.Since they got Type A flu already, is the shot necessary?
A: Yes. The new 2009 H1N1 is a recombinant strain of influenza type A. There are also several common seasonal strains of type A influenza, most being H3N2 and H1N1, and lastly, there are seasonal influenza B strains. The seasonal vaccine is currently made to immunize against 1 each of a seasonal H1N1 type A, H3N2 type A, and a type B strain, based on what scientists think will be the most prevalent strains for the coming season. Note, the seasonal H1N1 that goes around every year contains only human influenza virus genes, while the 2009 recombinant H1N1 strain has human, swine, and avian influenza virus genes. Also, with all the different strains circulating, that is why it is possible to get the flu several times per year. In a person who is not vaccinated, recovering from one strain of the flu gives immunity only against that particular strain.
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