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What can be the cause from a sudden low appetite

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A decrease in appetite is common during a bout of the flu, other short-term illnesses, or during emotional upset or anxiety. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-be-the-cause-from-a-sudden-low-appetite ]
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What can be the cause from a sudden low appetite
A decrease in appetite is common during a bout of the flu, other short-term illnesses, or during emotional upset or anxiety.

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Fainting?? Help Please!!?
Q: K so im not to sure when this part happened but i think it was about February. Anyway i was at school and it was recess. It was very icy and i was running and i slipt and banged my head. my dad took me to a doctor and said i did nt have a concussion but i could have symptoms of one about 2 months later. well everything was fine until april 11th 2009. 2 months later from the fall. my sister had woken me up, it was around 9 or 930. my mom had wanted to talk to me. i was standing at her doorway and all of a sudden i was on the ground and she was saying my name, i don’t remember fainting at all. all i remember is talking to my mom adn waking up on the floor. my mom called my dad and he took me to the doctors. he told him about my fall adn he said it had nothing to do with it. he said it was just a fainting spell, probably caused because i just woke up, got up quickly to talk to my mom and my blood pressure didn’t rise fast enough. since he said girls my age takes them longer for their blood pressure to get high. he was just about to send me home when i fainted again. this time though i remember better. i remember feeling kinda sick to my stomach and i remember my eyes kinda going back and i remember him guiding my head down as i had been sitting on one of those doctors beds. he then said he would admit me to the hospital for testing. i got a blood test, a cat scan, a urine test, and a diabetes test and all came back normal. i was on bed rest at the hospital for a little over 24 hours and on liquids only. i don’t think they ever discovered what it was. i was just wondering if their is a doctor on here that may no. i also goggled some diabetes info adn alot matched so idk if the diabetes test(just a prick of my finger) wasn’t right or something..People with type 1 diabetes may have the following signs and symptoms:blurred vision decreased mental sharpness extreme thirst and hunger feeling tired (fatigue) frequent need to urinate frequent skin infections, urinary tract infections or vaginitis (infections of the vagina) weight loss despite having an increased appetite In some cases, emergency symptoms may develop. They include:confusion fast breathing fruity-smelling breath (a sign of diabetic ketoacidosis) loss of coordination pain in the abdomen shaking slurred speech unconsciousness Symptoms of low blood sugar can come along very quickly, and they can include:cold sweats fast heartbeat hunger lightheadedness numbness of the tongue and lips shakiness with that, my vision sometimes is blurry, even no for no reason. sometimes when i stand up or if i havent eaten any sugary foods.also, recently i have felt really tired when everynight since schools been out, i”ve been getting 8-10 hours of sleep. i also urnite alot even wehn i dont drink lots of fluids. also i have been getting pain in my abdomen, adn i thought it was monthly cramps but it is not, they are different. also this morning around 8 adn yesterday morning i have experienced cold sweats. i will just wake up and be sweating when i am only using one blanket and i sleep in the basement therefore it is cool. also when i walk around or sit up from laying down i feel very light headed. i also read that fainting can be a symptom of diabetes. the things i listed above, i still do get, but not the fainiting since april which is good. if anyone out there could help me it would be very very appriciated.. thanks
A: Hi there, you don’t say what your height or weight is or what your normal diet is. I am sure your doctor would consider diabetes if that was indicated.Diabetes can cause fainting but there are literally hundreds of reasons why a person may faint.If this is causing you anxiety, I recommend going back to the doctor and getting your fasting blood sugar test done and discuss your concerns.Most people will faint at some time during their life, it could be hyperventilation (breathing too shallow and fast), low or high blood pressure, shock, stress, anxiety, low blood sugar, dehydration (not enough water), malnutrition and the list goes on. The majority can be fixed very quickly and easily by eating healthily, getting moderate exercise and relaxation.You mention feeling light headed when standing or sitting from a prone position. This could be postural hypotension (also known as orthostatic hypotension) which is when your blood pressure falls suddenly when standing or sitting up. It is not in itself dangerous, but good to have checked.All of your symptoms can be attributed to anxiety, including the blurred vision, ambiguous aches and pains all over, sweating, feeling hot or cold. I recommend you go back to the doctor and explain your concerns and discuss the symptoms you are having. If you have already done this but are still concerned, get a second opinion from another doctor. It is possible that the shock of the original fall you had may be causing you anxiety because you are worried about fainting or being unconscious again or that something “might” be wrong when it isn’t. This isn’t to say what you are feeling isn’t real, I have experience with anxiety and its symptoms and it is very real.Once you have confirmed there is nothing physically wrong, chances are your other symptoms may subside. Take it easy, relax, get some light to moderate exercise, eat well, drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and don’t stress, you’re way too young for that!Good luck
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