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What can you do to help repair your lungs

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For healthy lungs, stop smoking, get the flu shot, exercise, get plenty of vitamins, get plenty of fluids. I hope this helps! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-help-repair-your-lungs ]
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How stem cells may help repair the lungs of premature babies?
An international team of scientists have demonstrated, for the first time, that stem cells protect and repair the lungs of newborn rats. According to the head of the study, Dr. Thébaud, stem cells work like little factories, pumping out hea…
What kinds of food help repair damaged lungs?
Not that I’m aware of…you may need to consult a pulmonologist (lung specialist doctor) to get more details on what you can do to help.
Are there supplements/vitamins for former smokers to take which w…?
Increasing your immune system will help heal your lungs. I would take Nutrilite Antioxidant Complex to protect healthy cells from free radical damage. If your diet is not that great, take Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin Multimineral to balance…

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To what extent does smoking affect your lungs?
Q: Let’s say that you smoke one cigarette (or joint), the cilia in your lungs will be damaged. How much time does it take for your lungs to repair from this sort of damage (if at all… my guess would be a week or 10 days… but it’s just a guess)? Will exercise help to repair your lungs? Are there any other effects to your lungs beside this? (I do not need an explanation of the dangers of smoking, I’m very well aware) What I suppose I’m most after is what is the recovery time for your lungs after one cigarette, and how the lungs repair themselves from this (if at all, again I’m not sure). Also, what are the best ways to promote healthy lungs and avoid the consequences of smoking.As much detail as possible would be appreciated, and don’t shy away from being technical, because I would like to understand this the best that I can.Thanks everyone for your responses.
A: This highly depends on your age, the type of cigarette you’re smoking, and other factors.If you are between the age of maybe 20-35, your system should be working at its optimal form. And if you’re smoking a light as apposed to an unfiltered cigarette, then it should harm you LESS. Also, if you’re smoking a joint (marijuana I’m assuming), then it is actually less harmful for you, unless you roll your own cigarettes with tobacco in it.Exercising would help the general well being of your body, by circulating your blood flow, which should repair whatever is in need of it faster. Also, smoking actually slows or, in some cases, totally stop your blood flow. Which is the total opposite of exercising. But, there is a difference between smoking one, “repairing” your body, and then completely quitting and smoking one, repairing, and then smoking another one immediately after. Because your body can’t heal fast enough.There are some effects to the body that would never leave the body, and smoking, even if all possible repairs are finished, would still build the adverse effects up. Also, don’t carry the mindset that you can smoke one, heal up and then smoke another and lead the life of a non-smoker. It simply doesn’t work that way. And the best way to promote healthy lungs is almost the exact same as losing weight: exercise and keep a good diet. Also, try to quit. Or at least smoke less.If you’re a heavy smoker, do not just drop it because thats close to impossible. Work your way down, to lights, then to patches/gum, then to nothing.
MEDICAL– I Quit Smoking why Can’t I breath ???
Q: I quit smoking 01/10/2000 and I have always heard that your Lungs begin to repair themselves after you quit. Well, my seem to have forgot to do so. I have severe c.o.p.d that came on me about 5 years after I quit smoking. I had Throat Cancer and about 18-24 months after TX. I got this copd.I cannot hardly breath or do much of anything anymore. I cannot breath !!!! What happened to my Lungs repairing themselves somewhat ? And, does my Methadone play a part in my not breathing ???? Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Quiting smoking prevents further lung damage but does not always fix damaged lungs. You are much healthier having quit smoking.The two best things you can do to live longer if you have COPD are:1. stop smoking2. use oxygen if you need it (based on pulse ox test at doc)Are you currently being treated for COPD?This could greatly help your breathing to start on albuterol or even long acting inhalers depending on how bad your symtpoms currently are.
how does detox work.. difference between detox and an antioxidant ??
Q: I know detox whether it be in pill form, liquid, or a diet releases toxins and cleanses your body. do antioxidants to the same thing, just on a smaller level?? thats just one question, my main focus though is on detox:what exactly does it release (i dont really know any of these science terms so please if you can give me a pretty thorough explanation)??Can it repair organs such as the lungs, brain cells, kidney, liver etc. how much detox do you have to use, and does it preserve longevity?how does it take to enter your body and where does it enter/travel.. through the bloodstream?? does it help circulate oxygen and blood flowhow will these chemicals or toxins leave your body..I am mainly thinking along the lines of a pill or liquid detox formula, not really in terms of a diet (like a purified water detox)- but can those kinds help too??thanks a lot guys I know my thought were pretty unorganized, and I asked a lot of questions.. if you know and can do your best to answer allthen i’d be very appreciative..
A: Real detoxification is just a matter of supporting normal function while the body cleanses itself. There are a few rare circumstances in which chelation therapy is needed, and I’ve treated a few guys whose wives fed them arsenic (it seems a divorce would have been a better choice, but to each his own).The “detox” stuff with colon cleansing that you see on TV and in magazines is a rehash of some 19th century ideas that’s just a form of snake oil. 100% pure, unadulterated quackery.Antioxidants have to do with cellular metabolism. There’s probably something to them, but nobody yet knows what. Again, people selling you stuff are religious about it, and even more religious about taking your money. We simply don’t know the risks and benefits of these substances, though the field is promising.
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